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Pictures of gatherings in front of the municipality in France

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From Paris to Cannes, rallies took place on Monday 3 July in front of town halls in France, in support of the mayor of L’Ha-les-Roses, Vincent Janbron, whose house was attacked by a van during the night. From Saturday 1any to Sunday 2 July.

“Since Tuesday, the nights have been difficult for the residents (…) the violence that followed one another is unacceptable.”declared the mayor of Nanterre Patrick Jarry (DVG) in front of a hundred residents and employees in the town hall. “quiet time”insisted the city councilor, emphasizing that it was necessary “Keep this call from Nael’s family from his grandmother”that it “Thank you very much”.

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A mayor facing riots: “We are witnessing the disintegration of the state and we feel abandoned”

“We do not lose sight of the starting point of this situation, this demand for justice that still exists.”continued the Mayor of Nanterre to the press. “We will continue to work on a daily basis so that people in our cities and neighborhoods can benefit from the public services they need (…) and we will continue to work for greater social justice”Knock.

“Through mayors, it’s also a republic”

In Saint-Denis, about thirty elected officials (mayors, deputies, head of the department, Stéphane Troussel, president of the Ile-de-France region, Valerie Pecresse) and about 200 people attended the ceremony, according to an AFP journalist.

Nearly 300 people also gathered in front of the Brest Town Hall, including many elected officials and municipal employees.

“In my eyes, this isn’t just a situation for mayors. Through mayors, it’s also a Republican. It’s schools too, and I don’t forget all the individuals and businesses that suffer from this violence.”François Quelandre, the city’s mayor, said during the rally.

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‘I didn’t know that’: after Nanterre, mayors oscillate between anxiety and bewilderment

And the president of the Association of Mayors of France (AMF), David Lesnard, called on Sunday for a “Civil mobilization” In front of all municipal houses in the country to denounce violence against elected officials and “Return to republicanism”.

The mayor’s wife and one of the mayor’s sons were injured, says Vincent Janbron, during an attack on his house with a battering ram, which was then set on fire. “to burn the flag”says the prosecutor. An investigation has been opened for attempted murder.

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