Home Politics Gerald Darmanin announces the mobilization of 45,000 policemen and gendarmerie every night from Sunday to Monday.

Gerald Darmanin announces the mobilization of 45,000 policemen and gendarmerie every night from Sunday to Monday.

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Gerald Darmanin announced, on Sunday evening, the renewal of the law enforcement system, in which 45,000 policemen and gendarmes were mobilized, for the third night in a row, to deal with the rioters who have rocked the country since the death of the young Nahil, Tuesday, in Nanterre.

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Gave the Minister of the Interior Package Instructions and asked As before, arrests are being carried out as quickly as possible.said his entourage.

sequel after announcement

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However, the wave of violence that erupted in many cities in France with the death of the young man Nahil, who was killed by a policeman on Tuesday in Nanterre during a road check, during the night of Saturday 1 July to Sunday 2 July, a few hours after the accident. The young man was buried away from the cameras. As of 3:30 a.m., the Interior Ministry had not identified any major incidents and reported 486 arrests across the country, mainly for carrying items potentially used as weapons or projectiles. At 9 a.m. this Sunday, the department’s provisional balance sheet rose to 719 arrests tonight.

The executive faced a fear of “perpetual” movement in the neighborhoods

However, this is still relatively quiet. Since many mayors have been targeted. While guarding his town hall, the mayor of L’Haÿ-les-Roses (Val-de-Marne), Vincent Janbron, had his suite attacked on the night from Saturday to Sunday. They set fire to set his house on fire. His wife and their two young children had to flee from the attackers, and the mayor’s wife and one of the children were injured during the escape. open an investigation for “Assassination attempt”. Messages of support poured in from the entire political class, from all sides. On Friday, before the attack the next night, Vincent Janpron was taken prisoner “ops” his fears.

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While the prosecution announced the opening of a criminal investigation in flagrante delicto after the attempted shooting at night from Saturday to Sunday at the home of the mayor of La Riche (Indre-Loire), a town of 11,000 inhabitants in the city of Tours. . “The facts can be described as insulting by arson and home invasion.”Tours prosecutor Catherine Suretta Menard said Sunday, specifying that a 10-year prison sentence was incurred.

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