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10 things to know about Vincent Janbron, Mayor LR victim of a piston car fire

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1. Burning a Ram car

His home was attacked with a burning car at approximately 1:30 a.m. on the night of Saturday, July 1. was the goal “flag burning” family, according to the public prosecutor in Creteil. Mayor LR wasn’t home, he was at the town hall in his town of over 30,000, on this fifth night of urban violence. On the other hand were his 5- and 7-year-old children as well as his wife, who was shot in the bone while trying to escape. The family’s front gate and car were burned out.

2. An assassination attempt

“Because they are very dangerous.”there “The prosecution chose to characterize the assassination attempt.”The prosecutor explained. While the condemnation of the political class is unanimous. Jean-Luc Mélenchon, leader of the Insomes group, said on Twitter “Shares (r) the terror of the Genbrunn family”. Prime Minister Elizabeth Borne and Home Secretary Gerald Darmanin headed there on Sunday. Vincent Janbron said: “Last night, a milestone in horror and infamy was reached.”. He’s not the only city councilor who has been targeted on the sidelines of the suburban fire.

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3. A humble background

Vincent Janbrunn spent his childhood on the seventeenth floor of a building in the city of Tours Marones in La Hau-les-Rose. A father who is a delivery driver and a mother who is a housewife, of Italian descent, who dreams of becoming a civil servant. He patented his invention at the district college, Eugène Cheuvreul College. Each year, he is elected as a class representative. He earned his baccalaureate a little more, at Frédéric Mistral High School in Fresnes, before attending business school in Evry.

4. Al-Qarochi and Al-Bakers

Deeply marked in his childhood by “social inequality”, he entered politics and joined the People’s Movement Union in 2004, when he was still a student. After he was discovered by Roger Carruchy, who was then a provincial councilor in the Île-de-France, his political ambitions became more apparent. In 2012, he became a parliamentary aide to MP Valerie Pecresse.

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5. The youngest mayor in France

Ten years after joining the UMP, in 2014 Vincent Janbron at the age of 29 became the youngest mayor of a city of over 30,000 inhabitants. motto: “Act and tell the truth”.

6. He left town

In the southern suburbs of Paris, about 5 kilometers from Porte de Gentilly, Haÿ-les-Roses is historically a communist town, until 1953, and then a socialist until 2014. Vincent Janbron is the first mayor of the right. ” I’m a kid from L’Haÿ. I will remain very present there and continue to advance the many projects that are in progress. Mayor Title: Those who perform this work are the thirty elected officials and municipal services. The national team insisted in 2021 with the “Parisian”.

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7. Targeted by Anticor

A preliminary investigation for nepotism was opened in September 2021 by the National Prosecutor’s Office for Finance (PNF) following a complaint filed by Anticor that denounced financial arrangements linked to two real estate deals carried out in L’Haÿ-les-Roses. One of the most controversial real estate projects is the transformation of the city core and immediate surroundings of the Rose Garden (which has one of the largest collections of ancient roses in the world). There is no news from PNF yet on this complaint against X for Nepotism, embezzlement of public property, illegal appropriation of interests and abuse of influenceThe Anti-Corruption Society filed a new complaint in a civil suit.

8. The engagement against the National Front

The presence of the National Front in the second round of the presidential elections in 2002 marked a turning point in his life: “I did a big white rally that brought together more than 1,000 people. When I saw all these people. It gave me goosebumps.” On that day in 2022, the evening of the disastrous results of LR, he reiterated his association with Valerie Pecresse and called for a vote for Emmanuel Macron. according to him, “The no-no strategy – neither Macron nor Le Pen – is a mistake”.

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9. Candidate for the 2022 legislative elections

He is standing for LR in the 7th arrondissement of Val-de-Marne in the elections of June 2022. He comes in third place (18.32% of the vote) behind LREM candidates Roxana Maracineanu (23.77%) and LFI-Nupes Rachel Keke. (37.22%). In the second among last rounds, Rachel Keke – known for leading the struggle of chambermaids at the Ibis-Batignolles Hotel – was elected with 50.30% of the vote.

10. A spokesperson for LR since June

On June 1, Eric Ciotti announced that he had entrusted Vincent Janbron with the job of spokesman for the Republicans. The young elected official thanked him, saying: “Republicans are proving they are committed to reshaping the right to a party with a unique voice, a modern word, attuned to the great issues of today and tomorrow: innovation, the environment, freedom of enterprise… »

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