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Compromise, 49.3 and constitutional tricks.. One year of presidential majority for the House

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Did the majority agree to a council that was said to be ungovernable, because there was no absolute majority on the day following the legislative elections? This Monday, June 19, 2023, the 16thH The legislature celebrates its first anniversary. For a year, 251 deputies from the presidential coalition have navigated the turbulent waters of the Bourbon-Château as the new Ecological and Social Union (Nupes) (151 seats) and the Rally National (RN) (88 seats) benefit from their electoral breakthrough in 2022.

The presidential party had to hone its weapons in order to pass bills with a relative majority. Between Majority Measures, 49.3 and Constitutional Tricks, Lopes returns, with three symbolic histories, to the methods of governing the presidential party and its allies with – or against – a heterogeneous parliament.

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• July 22, 2022, settlement time

On the evening of the legislative elections, the head of government notices her failure, forcing her to build “majority shares”, text by text. A way of compromise and alliances to get every vote The missing 27 MPs from Macroni… First test The Purchasing Power Act is voted on first reading on 22nd July 2022. This text that the government has put before MPs is an opportunity for Elizabeth Bourne to experiment, with a consensual theme Against a backdrop of accelerating inflation, the majority’s maneuverability of a bicycle is fragmented.

The result: 341 in favor, 116 against and 21 abstentions. A majority victory, which sees Republicans and Republicans vote in favor of the text despite heated debates. There is a relief in the center of the bike. “The spirit of responsibility prevailed.”Prime Minister welcomed. With Ops, the bill’s rapporteur Charlotte Parmentier-Lecoq (Renaissance) said the solution was ” Get groups to join the project “, for” That they have the feeling of bringing their stones into the building To achieve this, the majority placed in the same legislative package the decoupling of the Disabled Adult Allowance, held in particular by the Left, and the overtime tax credit, a Republican measure.

Emmanuel Macron, from President Jupiter to Relative President

North member remembers strong sign “, which displays” The majority’s ability to negotiate and settle .” She gave hope she explains, as Renaissance deputies wondered if they were going to Succeed in doing something in the association For them, it was a sign of a not-so-gray future at the Bourbon Palace—it was confirmed on August 3, when the final adoption of the Act gave them a more comfortable majority.

If after the purchasing power law the majority was reassured, it also found an implacable opponent: La France toil. Already, on July 5, 2022, the Nupes majority party has put on the table a counter-draft of the Purchasing Power Act, to assess wages. Then, on the day of the vote, the LFI was the party most opposed to the bill, with 74 votes out of 75.

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• October 19, 2022, the date of the forced relocation

It only took the government four months to decide whether to use Article 49.3 of the Constitution, which allows the government to force the passage of a law by carrying out its responsibility. The illusion of Parliament that would reflect the French political forces’ talks with each other to find compromises collapsed that day.

“The hardest part is the first part. After that, it’ll be alright…”: Macro owners put to the test by 49.3

After six days of discussion in the National Assembly, the government understands that a vote The 2023 funding bill will not pass. On October 19, the verdict fell: Elizabeth Bourne takes responsibility for her government. If the modifications of the majority are retained, this will not be the case for those of RN and LFI. The latter all blamed the motion table, and they both refused.

Repeat againOctober 20th, then October 26th… In all, from October 19th to December 15th, 2022, Elizabeth Bourne used the magic substance, to approve the budget, at least 10 times during this period, for 12 motions of censure. A record percentage in V Company historyH Republic, allowed by the distrust of both the RN and Nupes who sometimes ran the procedure separately for the same 49.3.

The filibustering opposition party is playing in this boo ball: the Republicans. If the budget vote is often an indicator that distinguishes opposition parties and the majority, LR seems to be a pivotal group for the Renaissance. In France 2, Emmanuel Macron will go even further “make an alliance” with republicans.

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• January 23, 2023, the date for constitutional tricks

Beat Parliament while it’s hot. On January 23, the presidential party announced that it would pass its major reforms – pension reform – by amending the Social Security Financing Act (PLFRSS).

More than a technical detail, this trick allows the government once again to involve unlimited 49.3 in the texts of the budget, but also to reduce the time for discussions in the assembly reassembled to prevent them. Article 47-1 of the Constitution allows for the expedited adoption of social security funding texts and limits the time for discussions in the Palais Bourbon to 20 days. Charlotte Parmentier-Lecoq, considered ” That there was time to discuss the substance and blames the use of 49.3 on LFI and Tens of thousands of modifications “.

Emmanuel Macron, the president who didn’t like Parliament

On March 10, it was the turn of Article 44 of the Constitution to be invoked when pension reform reached the Senate. The so-called “veiled vote” allows the government to prevent MPs from exercising their right to amend. To do so, it causes a vote on the text before all proposed changes are discussed. “by retaining only those amendments proposed or accepted by the government”.

In the National Assembly, on March 16, Elizabeth Bourne passes force under the boos of some elected officials in Nubians with Article 49.3 for the adoption of pension reform … in the 11thH from his mandate. Powerless, the assembly attempted to overthrow the government by voting on a cross-party motion of censure by the group of Libertés, Indépendants, Outre-mer et Territoires (Liot) which lost by nine votes. The street roared.

A new, final hope for opponents of reform: the vote to repeal the law in May. Lyot’s group introduced a Bill, misrepresented in Committee, which would allow the Speaker of the National Assembly to use a new article of the Constitution – Article 40 – to challenge an amendment that was to be debated, in the event of annulment of departure at 64 for pension reform, at the Bourbon Palace if this constitutes an additional burden on the state. this activation, “Break with all traditions” Eric Cockrell Institutional (LFI), once again shows the presidential party making a constitutional improvement to avoid voting.

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