Home News Three people were killed and 100 injured in a Texas tornado

Three people were killed and 100 injured in a Texas tornado

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At least three people were killed and a hundred injured when a powerful tornado passed Thursday, June 15, in Berryton, North Texas. Destroyed buildings, uprooted trees and overturned vehicles: The hurricane also caused significant damage in this city of 8,000 people in the southern United States.

“I ask all Texans […] We are praying for our fellow Texans who have been affected by this terrible storm. Stay safe, Texas.”Governor Greg Abbott said in a statement:

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Au-delà de Perryton, ce sont more millions d’Americains, dans more Etats du sud et du centre-west of du pays, qui ont été place en état d’alerte météo extrême du fait des dangereuses tempêtes alimentées par des élevées élevées qui frappent Region. In addition to tornadoes, these bad weather are accompanied by thunderstorms and hailstorms the size of golf balls.

Tornadoes, meteorological phenomena as impressive as they are difficult to predict, are common in the United States, especially in the center and south of the country.

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