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François Bayrou would ‘love’ to be prime minister, but considers himself ‘out of the game’

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The head of the Ministry of Defense will be François Bayrou “Love” Prime Minister, but he currently considers himself “out of the game” He said on RTL/LCI/Le Figaro on Sunday that it is due for the upcoming trial in mid-October.

“I’m not in this game today because we’re going to have an absolutely groundless experience in the fall.”François Bayrou confirmed, asking about a possible desire to replace Elisabeth Bourne at Matignon. “If the question was + would you like to do that,” I would have loved to have done that. I am concerned enough about the situation in the country to tell you that, yes, I wanted to take on this role (…) but I’m a hacker”is completed.

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The current High Commissioner for Planning will stand trial from 16 October, along with ten other executives from the UDF and MoDem, for complicity in the misappropriation of European public funds, between June 2005 and January 2017. They are suspected of using European funds to hire parliamentary assistants who, in fact, worked At least, for the party.

Potential lawsuits

While a reshuffle appears to be in the making, François Bayrou has acknowledged its existence “Potential progress” To be implemented in the government team.

He summed up: “I am for a strong president, a strong government, and a strong parliament.” state, continued.

but also “political weight” in home “The person who rises to the podium, in difficult circumstances such as those we know today in the absence of the majority”It was up to Emmanuel Macron to decide whether Ms. Bourne met the right criteria.

sequel after announcement

As he already said this week, Mr. Pyro said to himself Interferes with both left and right turns.while a part of the Macronian camp is pressing for an agreement with the Republicans.

“I find it very welcome that there is a really Republican who is trying to rebuild himself.” And Appreciate the work done on the ideas. by LR President Eric Ciotti, developed by François Bayrou. “But the idea that the LR, elected in opposition, will give up his positions to enter the majority, is an idea in which I do not believe.”he argued.

Generally, “You can do deals as long as you are solid in your foundations, as long as everyone knows who you are, where you are going, and as long as you refuse to be pushed one way or the other.”This is the pillar of the majority.

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