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Republicans led by Eric Cioti launch “Reconstruction” project

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You have to imagine the Cirque d’Hiver in Paris, in the humid heat of a Saturday in June. A circus ring lit up in azure blue, bleached velvet full of right-wing activists and above all, to imagine Eric Ciotti or Gerard Larcher climbing the ring to the sound of jump By Van Halen, the track on which OM players traditionally enter the Stade Vélodrome in Marseille.

To kick off the major re-establishment project, LR right chose a strategic date (the day before General de Gaulle’s June 18th call), a tricolor rooster for the new logo and other visuals that are less slick than before. ” We must turn the page on a long line of failures ”, prompted Eric Ciotti to inaugurate the “Public States of the Right” on Saturday at the Cirque d’Hiver. A modest way to avoid the party’s recent electoral meltdowns (less than 5% in the presidential elections and forty fewer deputies after the legislative elections).

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In the same speech broadcast live on CNews, the Republican president played up the optimism: “At the end of this path, I give you my solemn promise: there is victory.” The path spoken by Niçois is the six months that the right of LR agrees to” Rebuilding “,” Rebuilding »with a tour of the local unions and stops on postcards at party intervals, like the one Laurent Wauquiez planned for the early days of July in Haute-Loire. In the chamber, 1,600 seats are occupied. A neighboring room has been opened, but the great road fever of the UMP or even the RPR and its thousands of enthusiastic members seems far away. Brave, Eric Ciotti also takes the opportunity to thank his primary rivals last winter: Thanks to Aurélien Pradié and Bruno Retailleau. Your presence is a sign that we are united and together, for the most part.”. The verdict makes a smile in the audience, which all winter followed the TV series of sections on the right on pension reform. But on the benches reserved for elected officials, none of them sit side by side. Bruno Retaieu settled between Gerard Larch and François-Xavier Bellamy. Aurélien Pradié between the party’s president and Michel Barnier.

We must remain vigilant about these divisions. Divided, we will not be able to hold our place by 2027. But this time we will have to be able to embody a credible alternative »And The latter whispers to us.

Because the stated purpose of this repair right Clear: Proving Republican Credibility Ahead of the 2027 Presidential Election.” We should talk about the daily life of the Frenchs”, releases Éric Ciotti before listing the country’s ills: housing, work, the cost of electricity, Forfeited taxes “…without forgetting security or” This violence that poisons the lives of our citizens “No big surprise, then.” With us, there will be no Woccitane in France instead of Millennium France Ciotti fired to wake up the crowd, shortly before the lunch break. In short, the truth is heard. No to this left it has been transformed into an integral melenkonisme “.

Treasury shadow

In a series of vertically displayed video images, Tiktok-style, some right-wing French express themselves who no longer trust LRs. They evoke the issues they want the Republicans to insist on: the environment, education, legality, and helping the peasants, without losing sight of security. Some members of Eric Ciotti’s shadow cabinet shared their fears of substantively confronting Emmanuel Macron’s government. ” I am disappointed that I did not hear any reference to the environment in the opening words Elegy is one of them. During the intermission, the right-wingers are given a bookmark “certain idea” From the name of the new online media of the Republicans led by Bartholomew Lenoir since May. with George Mandel Foundation charged with identifying and training the future “talent” From the right, this online medium is one of the “reconstruction bricks” LRs.

another experience, “Self-mocking moment” After lunch by RTL comedian Sandrine Sarroch improvising a poem by Eric Ciotti to the tune of “ziggy” (Celine Dion version). What more can be said than this? Perhaps Lottawa’s Aureliene Brady sums up the day best: ” The road will be long… “.

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