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Burj Al Arab seven stars or nothing!

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Creation of an artificial island, transportation by helicopter or Rolls-Royce, 24,000 square meters of marble and precious stones, 8,000 square meters of 24-carat gold leaf … You really are in Dubai! Getaway to Burj Al Arab, the Hotel of Excellence.

For those who only dream of sun, infinity pools and running cool trendy places on Instagram, we’re now looking into Dubai. During the health crisis, the glittering emirate has become an oasis where one can enjoy a semblance of life. As the world narrowed, dismantled, and reshaped, Dubai seemed impregnable. The symbol of this insolence is the always full Burj Al Arab. French is now one of the most popular languages ​​on the trails.

© Burj Al Arab

May the world stop, here everything is luxury! In the duplex suites, 202 in number, luxury is space. But in the land of sheikhs and petrodollars, we remind you once again that it’s above all ostentatious: marble floors and columns, Baccarat chandelier, Jacuzzi bath, Hermès XXL beauty products, well-appointed sofas and private bars, heavy drapes. Luxurious decoration, worthy of a thousand and one nights.

© Burj Al Arab

In this golden cocoon, one might be tempted to live from the seven-star room services and selfies, and contemplate the whole of Dubai from his chosen vantage point. With its sail-inspired design, the hotel built on an artificial island dominates the city. Each suite offers a 360-degree view from the large panoramic windows. At Burj Al Arab, the show is also indoors. There are many reasons to venture outside its apartments to discover the many Michelin-starred restaurants.

© Burj Al Arab

Would you like to have dinner below sea level? direction skilled For a great meal in the middle of a giant aquarium as a backdrop. Want to see and be seen? It’s at the beach restaurant Asked That we play in Narcissus 2.0, chasing down charming animals preoccupied with doing business and/or testing their sex appeal. Nine venues offer a culinary offer as plentiful as it is eclectic: gourmet French cuisine, Italian cuisine, Arabic cuisine, Japanese cuisine, tea time…

© Burj Al Arab

In terms of activities, life flows to the beat of exclusive experiences such as access to the private beach reserved for guests. Many invest in loungers to take advantage of the caresses of the sun, while others try their hand at the latest seaside extravagance while enjoying flying in the air (flyboard) or under the sea (subwing).

But for the new General Manager of the Foundation and Vice President of the Jumeirah Group, Ermanno Zanini, it will soon be possible to appreciate art and culture through a world-class gallery and exhibitions. ” I want Burj Al Arab to become a major cultural center. », aspire.


Ermanno Zanini CEO of the Foundation © Burj Al Arab

Burj Al Arab – Jumeirah Street – Dubai P.O. Box 74147 United Arab Emirates

This is amazing. : +971 4301 7777 – [email protected]

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