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Biden’s stunned expression at the end of the speech

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“God save the queen” With this amazing formula, US President Joe Biden concluded on Friday a speech devoted to combating gun violence. The 80-year-old Democrat had just spoken at a rally in West Hartford, Connecticut (NE), dedicated to gun regulation.

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At the end of an unsurprising speech, he addressed the audience to explain that he could not linger as usual to greet the participants, but that he was going to take pictures.

“Agreed? God save the Queen, old man.” Then finally fired. (“Okay? God save the Queen, man.”)

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Repeat fatal errors

A White House spokeswoman made that clear “I addressed someone in the crowd.” With that note, but without giving any more context. The wording may seem even more contradictory given that England is now ruled by King Charles III, who is no longer a queen. The US President also went to the funeral of Elizabeth II.

The blunders that Joe Biden has been accustomed to for years are being systematically noticed by his fiercest Republican opponents, who want to see them as a sign of weak mental capabilities.

sequel after announcement

The American president responds to these attacks with jesting strokes. It also highlights ” wisdom “ He acquired it during his long political career, as well as his political and diplomatic achievements.

Speaking on Friday, he joked about his age. Referring to the failed years-long battle to toughen gun laws and campaign fatigue, the US president fired: “You’re tired. I understand. But try to get back to it at 110.”.

In opinion polls, a majority of voters believe Joe Biden, the 2024 presidential candidate, is too old to run again. The Democrat turns 86 at the end of a second term.

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