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Transparent, accusatory, ambitious… Who are the ministers threatened by the reshuffle?

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Pape Ndiaye, Christophe Picchu, Olivier Klein… One month to go One hundred days of peace Decree by Emmanuel Macron, rumors of reshuffles and ministers in the hot seat are rife. Will the prime minister be thanked by July 14, after suffering the nightmare sequence of pension reform? And what of some of her ministers who, if she remained in Matignon, would still find themselves in the benches of expulsion?

Even if only two people – Emmanuel Macron and his Secretary General at the Elysee Palace Alexis Köhler – decide the future of each member of the government, everyone goes there with their expectations. “There are topics in which we have invested so much – health, education and the environment – and in which we must progress faster and stronger”He explains to Oops that he is a Renaissance deputy who has the president’s ear. Obviously, this will go through a better incarnation in these areas.

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But will there really be a reshuffle? “things are accelerating”confirms to “Obs” an advisor to the executive who brings up the possibility of a team change “From next week.” Others prefer the course of the reshuffle at the end of June, or even at the beginning of July, that is, after the summit of a new global financial agreement organized by the Elysee and which will take place on June 22 and 23 in Paris. So be patient. Especially since by thanking the ministers, one must be able to replace them. With respect for parity and political and regional balances. So what ministries can change their representative?

Ndiaye, Picchu, Brown: The End of the ‘Hidden Club’?

Let’s not be too harsh: three of the ministers in this class are known… precisely because they weren’t! Remember last April, the Minister of Health, François Brown, created the “ invisible club » With Pape Ndiaye (Minister of National Education) and Christophe Picchu (Minister of Ecological Transition). A way for critics to make fun of their poor embodiment in the public debate. ” Today we are within the limits of civil society contributions. macaroni history says. A civil society minister is highly experienced in his field, but a politician should not limit himself to one area of ​​expertise. »

School and Secularism: The Debate between Pap Ndiaye and Dominique Schnapper

At the time of the remodeling discussion, this limitation could be costly. “Pap Ndiaye, I’m finding it hard to see where he’s going”He criticizes the Ennahda deputy, who is close to Macron. “You have to be wary of echoes, especially when they come from people who have ambitions for themselves,” The “OPS” eased the delegation accompanying the Minister of Education last February. And go ahead: “His discretion appeals to teachers and he gets on well with students. He’s here for a short time.”

“Brown, it’s hard to see the overarching vision of what he wants to do.”

Regarding the Minister of Health, results are mixed. “Brown is competent, passes well, is homely in moments of intense aggression. But it’s hard to see the overarching vision of what he wants to do.”, the judge himself elected by the majority. Involved in managing drug shortages and medical deserts shortages, the person who was formerly an emergency physician is also reserved for “active assistance in dying.”

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Christophe Picchu: “It makes no more sense to refuse bed linen at once than to make it the magic cure”

As for Christophe Picchu, his year in the Ministry of Environmental Transformation has not been easy. Arrived in this position by chance (the holder of the appointment, Amélie de Montchalin, left the government in July after losing the legislative elections), the former mayor of Angers, a neonicotinoid supporter, is regularly targeted for the difficulty of fleshing out the cause – he has not been very present at the time fires last summer, but his observations of necessary adaptation to global warming made little impression in the ecological field. “I was surprised he was nominated because he doesn’t have a big green identity but a guy who works, he’s articulate, he’s strong, he gets the message across.”notes Vice Renaissance.

Finally, what can save Christophe Picchu’s skin is to be the sole important minister of Horizons, Edouard Philippe’s party which has 29 MPs in the assembly.

Olivier Klein, poor housing incarnation

And if the discussions focus on the triumvirate of civil society, then the problem, in the view of many deputies, will lie with the Ministry of Housing: There, we have the problem of incarnation. There is no comprehensive vision. » Because if he didn’t feel he had to be part of the “invisible club,” Olivier Klein might have his place there. At a time when his sector is clearly in crisis, … Elizabeth Bourne has introduced the Government’s action on him.

Gerald, Bruno, Frank and the others… Edward Philip and his (former) friends are on the right

But the former socialist and mayor of Clichy (93) can be saved thanks to… from his connections. If he does not get along with Elizabeth Bourne, he is highly regarded by Brigitte Macron. In 2019, the First Lady in particular inaugurated the Institute for Vocations project, located in the city of Olivier Klein.

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Another minister mentioned on departure: Jean-Christophe Combe, Minister for Solidarity and People with Disabilities. We remember particularly of him his speech last October, when he said that babysitters earned an average of three minimum wages.

Dupond Moretti and Dussopet… several ministers targeted by justice

So far, Eric Dupond Moretti has pulled it off. After entering the government in 2020, he retained the confidence of Macron who kept him in the Ministry of Justice for his second five-year term in office, although he was charged and then referred to the Court of Justice of the Republic (CJR). But the Keeper of the Seals’ political future remains tied to his legal fate, especially as the deadline approaches: His trial could take place in the second part of 2023.

Eric Dupond Moretti QPC: Judges can enter the ministry without an invitation card

The same situation for the Minister of Labor, Olivier Dusopt, who will stand trial from November 27 to 30 on suspicion of favoritism in a public market when he was mayor of Annonay (Ardèche). Will he be thanked after surviving the pension reform? Minister “keep trust” Elizabeth Bourne and Emmanuel Macron moved with him on Tuesday, a few kilometers from the city of Ardèche. This is called visual support.

Weaker, Marilyn Schiappa became one. Media coverage for some, and excessive for others, the Secretary of State for Social and Solidarity Economy leaves no one indifferent. And if controversies – from the cover of “Playboy” to shows with Cyril Hannon – never worried her, it was her management of the Marian Fund that could cost her her place in government. Appreciating Brigitte Macron, Gerald Darmanin (his former minister) or even Alexis Kohler, Elisabeth Born supported the former citizenship minister on Sunday. Adequate ?

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The thorny management of the ambitious… and their replacements

This is certainly the last question Emmanuel Macron will ask himself when redesigning. What to do with the high-profile ministers who dream of Matignon or the Elysee in 2027? What do you do with Gerald Darmanin (internal), Bruno Le Maire (economy) and – to a lesser extent – Sebastien Licorne (defence)? As for prime minister, everyone will point to the left wing of the macaroni, when Elizabeth Bourne is a point of balance. These ministers, among the only ones clearly identified by the French, have faults in their qualities. Because with the next election approaching, their notoriety is more likely to serve their ambitions than the reforms the president wants. But removing them from government would open a war of succession that would mar the end of the five-year term.

Another mystery: What seat can Emmanuel Macron have? The pool he can draw from looks poor. Supporters are less numerous and less well-known, being for many confined to majority deputies such as Jean-Rene Cazeneuve, Aurore Bergé or Maude Bregion. Some strategists also hope to recruit to the Senate, which will be renewed by half in September, according to Franceinfo. or by poaching into the ranks of the LR’s deputies, in the absence of an alliance.

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