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The death toll rose to 78

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Seventy-eight people drowned, Wednesday, in a boat sinking accident in southwestern Greece “favorable” immigrants, and it is one of the worst disasters of its kind in this country. On a regular basis, migrants trying to reach Europe drown off the Greek coast.

The boat on the ship that would have been “hundreds” Of the migrants, according to a source in the Greek Ministry of Immigration, capsized 47 nautical miles from the Greek coast, in international waters.

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They were called Alexandra, Abdelfattah, Yasser… They died in Calais because they didn’t get asylum

During the intensive rescue operation that began early Wednesday morning, a total of 104 people were rescued, four of whom were hospitalized in Kalamata, a town in the southern Peloponnese. No information has yet been provided about the nationality, gender and age of these people.

The Greek Coast Guard said that when the boat sank, none of the people on board had a life jacket.

Perhaps the boat left Libya

The boat was first spotted on Tuesday afternoon on a plane from Frontex, the European border control agency, but the migrants were on board. “refuse any help”And confirmed in a previous press release by the Greek port authorities.

In addition to the port police patrol boats, a Greek Navy frigate, an Air Force plane, a helicopter and six boats navigating the area were involved in this rescue operation. According to preliminary information from the authorities, the boat carrying the migrants set sail from Libya to Italy.

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On the European Union’s external border in the Mediterranean, Greece is a common corridor for many seeking to immigrate there from neighboring Turkey.

Armed with rifles, they hunt down migrants at the Greek-Turkish border

Numerous, often fatal, shipwrecks occur in the Aegean Sea while Greece is regularly accused by NGOs and the media of turning back migrants seeking asylum in the European Union. Besides this route, these people also attempt to pass directly to Italy by crossing the Mediterranean Sea south of the Peloponnese or Crete.

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