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The Council rejected a procedure that restricts the freedom of establishing doctors

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On Wednesday, June 14, Representatives rejected a partisan amendment aimed at imposing stricter rules for installing doctors in the territory, a measure aimed at better distributing caregivers and combating medical deserts.

Should doctors be forced into medical deserts?

It stipulated that private doctors and dental surgeons wishing to settle in areas already staffed with carers must obtain permission from the regional health agency, provided that a practitioner practicing the same specialty leaves. In poorly equipped areas, installation “by right” He would continue to apply. The measure, which was opposed by the government, was rejected by 168 votes to 127.

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It was a cross-party group led by socialist Guillaume Garot and brought together elected officials from nine groups in the assembly, including the presidential camp, that proposed the measure. The Maine deputy had hoped to be included in the text on getting sponsorship by Frédéric Valleaux (Horizons, presidential camp), which was discussed in first reading this week.

“There will be complete freedom in 93% of French territory”

“Incentive policies that have been practiced for decades have not yielded the expected results. We tell our doctors, ‘Don’t go and settle in areas that are already well provisioned. Go settle where you want somewhere else.’Clouds Garrott insisted. “There will (always) be complete freedom on 93% of French territory”defended Philippe Viger (MoDem, presidential camp), dismissing lawsuits in “coercion”.

“Part of the medical profession today demands some form of regulation.”environmentalist Delphine Batho insisted, when the deputy of the presidential group of Renaissance Christophe Marion himself pointed out that the campaign document prepared by Emmanuel Macron in 2022 called for measures ” to organize “.

“Medical deserts are spreading and taking root”

Strongly opposed to the measure, Health Minister François Brown criticized the risky text ‘stigmatizing doctors’ and train “Refusal to establish, retirement cases, and rejection cases.”

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“The real issue is that we have so few carers.”Rapporteur Frédéric Valleux responded, calling for a regulatory regime to be put in place within 5 or 10 years, by which time more doctors would be trained.

The amendment finally gathered not only 127 votes in favour, from the left, but also from the Lewte group, and from a few MPs from the three majority groups and LRs. Insufficient in the face of the 168 elected officials who voted against, in particular the majority of the presidential camp, on the right, and all the National Front deputies present.

“Let’s not give up: the idea of ​​organizing fixation is gaining ground. Our health cannot depend on our zip code. We carry on!”reacted in the wake of Guillaume Garot on his Twitter account.

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