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Historical record of global temperatures in early June

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The average global temperature recorded in early June was the highest ever recorded by the European service Copernicus for this period, surpassing previous records by “big margin”which is a possible evidence for the El Niño phenomenon.

“The world just experienced its warmest start to June on record, following a May that was only 0.1C cooler than the record.”This was confirmed Thursday, June 15 in a press release by Samantha Burgess, deputy director of the European Copernicus Service on Climate Change (C3S).

sequel after announcement

Global warming: “We must create an anti-sobriety culture”

“Global mean surface air temperatures for the first few days of June were the highest recorded in the ERA5 dataset in early June, and by a wide margin.”refers to Copernicus, whose data some date back to 1950.

“heavy trend”

“Not surprisingly, there is a growing trend.” temperatures and “We learned that when El Niño develops, it tends to raise temperatures by a few tens of degrees.”François-Marie Brion, deputy director of the Laboratory for Climate and Environmental Sciences (LSCE), commented in an interview with AFP.

These readings come as the El Niño weather phenomenon, generally associated with an increase in global temperatures, officially begins, Copernicus recalls. The latter also recently announced that the surface of the oceans had just experienced the warmest month of May on record.

Guardians of the Forest Lands, never again

“If the year is particularly hot, it is not necessarily a big one, but what is of course this heavy trend that shows an increase in temperatures of about a tenth of a degree per decade.”François-Marie Brion confirms.

sequel after announcement

Exceeded 1.5°C limit

Copernicus also notes that in early June, global temperatures exceeded pre-industrial levels by more than 1.5°C, the 2015 Paris Agreement’s ambitious warming limit. This is the first time this limit has been exceeded in June but it has already been crossed. Several times in winter and spring in recent years.

The Paris Agreement aims to sustain the increase in the global average temperature “well below 2°C” And continue efforts to reduce it to 1.5 °C instead.

‘We have changed the frame of reference’: earlier and more severe heat waves due to global warming

“Every bit of a degree matters to avoid the most dire consequences of the climate crisis”Samantha Burgess noted.

vicious circle

“El Niño years have always been warm, but now they come on the back of decade after decade of warming from fossil fuels increasing the likelihood of extreme temperatures.”Richard Hodgkins, Professor of Physical Geography at Loughborough University, UK.

How should France adapt to global warming?

Heat spells “Have the effect of wildfires, melting of ice in the poles or an increase in the demand for electricity for air conditioning”And “It all adds up to the warming.”He concludes that drought is hitting Europe and wildfires are now ravaging Canada.

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