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From Marilyn Schiappa to the Senators, everyone takes it for granted

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he said to himself “was manipulated” and trapped. Mohamed Safawi, whose association has been featured in the controversial management of the Marian Fund, delivered a deeply offensive hearing in the Senate on Thursday, June 15th. In turn, he denounced the political authority, the administration, or the media. “Lopes” sums up this counterattack for you, similar to passing arms with Marilyn Schiappa, tested the day before.

• Let’s go back, why was Muhammad Al-Safawi tested?

The Senate Investigative Committee heard the reporter about the controversial management of the Marian Fund launched by Marlene Schiappa, then Minister Delegate for Citizenship, in April 2021, six months after the assassination of Professor Samuel Paty. This fund, which was initially granted 2.5 million euros, was intended to finance the associations fighting against it “separatism” and radical Islam on social media.

sequel after announcement

The association for which Mohamed Safawi was the director of operations, the Union of Associations for Physical Education and Military Readiness (USEPPM), was the main beneficiary of the fund: it was given 355,000 euros.

Terms of attribution, balance sheet, lookups…getting all about the Marian Fund controversy

• Ranged weapons pass with Marlene Schiappa

“The first mistake I made was that I trusted Mrs. Schiappa (currently Secretary of State for Social and Solidarity Economy, editor’s note) to her teams, to be in the dark”Muhammad Safawi said. He felt it was “Besieged, Exploited”And “betrayal” And “Manipulated by political power”.

The day after the minister’s session, which he denied “any personal relationship with him”Muhammad Safawi returns the favor: Marlene Schiappa was not my friend.And “It will be less than that tomorrow.”adding: “I don’t respect people who don’t have courage”.

Marilyn Schiappa in all her aspects

confirms it “Not guilty of embezzlement”but he is guilty “in political terms”.

• Aggression against members of the Commission

Exchanges with the rapporteur and committee chair are active and aggressive. Muhammad Safawi denounces “Extrajudicial execution”but also blame the officials. “Mr. Rapporteur, you are making an unfortunate cut […] is this clear ! »And “What you say is absurd, there are hints behind”, off to rapporteur (LR) Jean-François Husson. a “Amen” A fuse at the end of a talk.

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“You have to keep your cool.”paraphrasing the latter.

“I give a detailed answer even if it bothers you because lunchtime is approaching,” Even Muhammad Al-Safawi dared to warn: “Don’t come to bite me.”

• The management’s report was deemed “pathetic”.

Muhammad Safawi also attacked the report ” Pathetic “ of the Inspectorate General of Management (IGA) published last week: This document revealed numerous irregularities in the management of the Marian Fund and in particular that “USEPPM was not eligible for funding”due in particular to “Breach of his reporting obligations”.

The writer indicates that the authors of the report committed a “error of facts” On the history of the assassination of Samuel Paty. that “It proves the lightness, speed, and inaccuracy with which this report was written.”.

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Why the administration of the Marian Fund, which was established by Marlene Schiappa after the death of Samuel Paty, came into question

“The IGA is in the position of self-legitimizing management […] tries to […] Find lamp holders, in this case […] Me and Governor (Christian) Gravel”Confirms.

Christian Gravel, head of the Ministerial Committee for the Prevention of Delinquency and Extremism (CIPDR, the body that was responsible for managing this fund in the Home Office), also implicated in the IGA report, resigned last week.

• Al-Safawi continues and pleads for his “ability to work”

On the merits of the lawsuit, Mohamed Safawi claimed to have filed his case ” Upon request “ by Marilyn Schiappa. And they said they learned “through the press”And “through an interview” From the Minister, the launch of the project, on April 20, under the name Marianne Fund.

While he made it clear that he regularly goes to CIPDR … because he is bound by another contract with this structure: a consulting contract, to train the teams, and he received 39,500 euros excluding taxes, from November 2020 to January 2023.

sequel after announcement

Marlene Schiappa: #Me too, me too

“I have a capacity for work much higher than usual, out of passion, out of intellectual interest in the subject.”Mohamed Syafoui, who was also indicated by the committee chair, will explain that he was a full-time employee, in the USEPPM contract created since the launch of the fund.

Will he repay a portion of the scholarship he received, as requested by the IGA? “It will be a court decision, if repayment is to be”he answers.

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