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Complaint filed against the registration of Sandrine Rousseau on the electoral lists in Paris in 2022

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The lawyer for activist Europe Ecologie les Verts (EELV) Claire Monod announced on Wednesday 14 June that he had filed a complaint in Paris denouncing her. “Unjustified registration on the electoral lists” From Sandrine Rousseau who was then invested for the legislative elections in 2022.

The complaint against X was sent to the Paris prosecutor’s office on Wednesday, according to proof of dispatch consulted by AFP.

sequel after announcement

Claire Monod is up for nomination for the legislative elections on the 9thH Paris Circle, intending to denounce “skydiving into fraud” Sandrine Rousseau, she explained to the press.

Sandrine Rousseau, Permanent Enhancer

This complaint, if successful, would not result in the election being annulled, recalls Claire Monod’s attorney, M.D.H Jerome Carsenty, but he aims especially “to ask the question of morality and personal ethics”.

I have already expressed myself extensively on facts and substance; There’s already a CNews columnist who has announced that she’s taking legal action for free [Claire Monod, NDLR] to join this movement.In reply to AFP Sandrine Rousseau.

“election tourism”

Claire Monod was defeated in the 2017 legislative elections, which saw her candidacy supported according to her by the Fighters of the 13.H The district in which she lives, she declined in favor of Sandrine Rousseau, who was elected deputy in June 2022 with 42% of the vote. The environmental activist mentions this in her complaint It is known that Mrs. Russo has lived, worked and been active in Lille since the 2000s..

sequel after announcement

After failing in the EELV presidential primaries, Sandrine Rousseau filed “election tourism” And I am you “She looks forward to a constituency that she considers easy and free.”Claire Monod’s treatment.

Cyberstalker Sandrine Russo has been given a one-year suspended sentence

According to France 2’s “Complément d’Enquête”, Sandrine Rousseau presented the town hall of 13H An insurance certificate for a home you did not live in 1any March 2022, three days before the closing of electoral roll registrations and validation of candidacies by EELV. This document was drawn up by an acquaintance of hers at the request of Sandrine Rousseau, and is specified in the complaint.

“There was a sub-lease project because it was a furnished apartment.” but “Finally settled in an unfurnished apartment because subletting wasn’t possible”He defended Sandrine Rousseau on the show. “Since the electoral rolls are closed, I bet this sublease, yeah.”she admitted.

This recording allowed him Pretend to dock at 13H circle “ and to be invested by EELV authorities, according to the complaint. Sandrine Rousseau ended up signing a lease in mid-April for a studio located in this arrondissement.

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