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What should be remembered from his statements about the Ukrainian counterattack

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Almost a week after the start of the Ukrainian counterattack, Vladimir Putin is occupying the media sphere to enforce his narrative. During a televised meeting with Russian war correspondents, he reiterated that Ukraine was passing through “heavy losses” in his counterattack. Kiev reacted immediately by conjuring ” profits regional.

In addition, Vladimir Putin admitted, on Tuesday evening, the lack of preparations and equipment of his armies to face the counterattack and protect his borders, after several Ukrainian strikes in the border areas at the end of May. He also threatened to withdraw from the grain deal. “Lopes” assesses.

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• Putin is trying to impose the failed Ukrainian counterattack narrative

losses “disastrous” : Russian President Vladimir Putin claimed that his forces were crushing the Ukrainian counterattack, at a time when Kiev, on the contrary, is claiming initial gains. This is the second time since Friday that the Russian president says his army is repelling the attack, which Ukraine has been preparing for for months.

“(Ukrainian) losses are approaching a level that can be described as catastrophic.”In his words, claiming that the Russian losses were “ten times less”. According to him, Kiev lost “about 25% or maybe 30% of the equipment” It was presented by the West, ahead with 160 tanks and more than 360 armored vehicles. This data was not verifiable from independent sources.

“The Ukrainian counterattack has begun, and the explosion of the Kakhovka Dam is a sign of that.”

Obviously, the rhetoric is different on the Ukrainian side. For his part, President Volodymyr Zelensky indicated, on Monday evening, that the attack in the south and east to liberate the territories occupied by Russia was. ” difficult “However, it was advancing with the recapture of seven villages in the south and the advance around Bakhmut. Shortly after Putin’s speech on Tuesday night, Kiev spoke of further gains. Fierce defensive and offensive fighting is going on in the east and south of our nation.Announced on the networks the commander of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Valery Zaluzhny. “We have gains, we are implementing our plan, and we are moving forward.”He said.

• The Kremlin acknowledges the lack of preparation and equipment

While announcing the failure of Kiev’s counter-offensive, Vladimir Putin admitted that Russia was not sufficiently prepared to launch attacks on its territory from Ukraine and that its military lacked precision munitions and drones.

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“Of course, it is necessary to strengthen the borders (…) It could have been better prepared for this”As he said, Russia had to evacuate thousands of people after a massive incursion and strikes from Ukraine into the Belgorod border region.

“The Battle of Bakhmut is no longer just a symbol, everyone thinks only of the Ukrainian counterattack”

“It turned out that many things were missing: high-precision ammunition, communication equipment, and drones.”, as a listed tenant from the Kremlin. And from the Russian side, he admitted the loss of 54 tanks, some of which were repairable.

• Russia threatens to withdraw from the grain deal

Russian President Vladimir Putin said, on Tuesday, that Russia intends to withdraw from the Ukrainian grain export agreement due to non-respect of the clauses on the export of Russian fertilizers, according to Moscow.

“We are now considering withdrawing from this grain agreement (…) many of the conditions that were to be applied were not respected”Vladimir Putin said, accusing Kiev of using the sea lanes provided for in the agreement to attack the Russian fleet with drones.

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Wheat: Putin’s “blackmail” that threatens global food security

Russia regularly threatens to withdraw from the Ukraine grain agreement concluded in July 2022 under the auspices of the United Nations and Turkey. This crucial agreement that helped alleviate the global food crisis caused by the conflict in Ukraine has been extended several times since then, most recently in May, by two months, after intense negotiations.

In particular, Moscow demands respect for the second agreement signed at the same time with the United Nations to facilitate its own exports of food products and fertilizers, as well as the resumption of operation of the Togliatti-Odessa pipeline for the delivery of ammonia, an essential chemical. component of mineral fertilizers.

But an explosion in the pipeline last week, for which Moscow and Kiev blame each other, threatens to bring about a blow. ” The negative impact “ On the future of the grain agreement, the Kremlin warned.

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