Home Politics Sandrine Rousseau, a member of the Green Parliament, intervenes during an argument between a taxi and a cyclist in Paris

Sandrine Rousseau, a member of the Green Parliament, intervenes during an argument between a taxi and a cyclist in Paris

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The video quickly went viral. On Sunday, content creator Altis live-streamed a scene where Rep. Sandrine Russo of EELV-Nupes is seen intervening during an argument between a taxi and a bike. In fact, the chosen one tries to block the arm of the driver who, as other witnesses also note, threatens the cyclist.

Clipped excerpts from the video are being taken and shared, leading some critics of the elected official — on the right and far right — to accuse her of “violence” Towards the taxi Altes decides, on Monday, to post on Twitter the entire sequence.

sequel after announcement

Two minutes of the clip show that it was indeed the taxi that did not respect the road code, which, a few moments before the clash, hit the cyclist from behind while the latter put a stop sign in front of the pedestrian crossing to allow a woman to cross. As for Sandrine Rousseau, she was just trying to appease the driver who was threatening the cyclist. And on Tuesday evening, this tweet had at least 3.8 million views.

‘Genderless’ bike paths: why cycling is still unfavorable to women

With “Obs,” the ecologist-elect says she went out shopping in the neighborhood around noon for a lunch she invited her friends to at 1 p.m. “I was stuffed”kidding — when, from the sidewalk, she saw the taxi driver who was pulling a cyclist toward him from his open window, and then heard screams.

“It was brutal”

grab ambient voltage, “without thinking too much”, approaching. The taxi threatens, insults heaped on the cyclist – “she was tough”she admits. With other witnesses present, she then tries to keep this guy a lot longer than her.

Then the deputy left, as if nothing had happened, and only tweeted, on Monday evening: “Rue de Tolbiac, as elsewhere, a real bike path will make it easier to use the road and make cycling and taxiing safer.”

sequel after announcement

Sandrine Russo

member was “A very clever way to respond.”according to Altis, who “The Obs” spoke to on the phone Tuesday night. And according to the creator, it was also the lack of a bike path, along with the fact that the car was poorly parked near the pedestrian crossing, that contributed greatly to this accident.

In a new video posted Tuesday to Youtube, Altis shows just how bad cities – and in this case D.C. – are for bikes. In this video, we also learned that the taxi visibly followed the group of cyclists present and repeated their threats against the victim. This one has it ” File a complaint “ Since the facts, Altis laments, concludes: that seven hours of live on Twitch was implemented with the aim of echoing the Convergence, a great bike rally in Ile-de-France which, he says, went very well, only this incident was retained.

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