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Silvio Berlusconi, inventor of ‘The Gentle Beast’ by Raffaele Simon

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Fifteen years ago, I named a disturbing device I saw “Gentle Monster” looming on the horizon and has since become our reality: a new form of ultimate power. A system that reduces freedoms, on the one hand, and transforms the law to its own interests, encourages tax evasion, does not hesitate to ally with the mafia, reduces education and culture, provokes consumer motives and disintegrates the social state. On the other hand, it spreads the treasures of creativity so that the citizens are convinced that they are doing a good job, have fun and feel pampered. In short, entertainment that guarantees a sleep of consciences and maintains the confusion between fantasy and reality.

This “gentle beast” that does not oppress his opponents, but rather absorbs and absorbs them, was Berlusconi’s brilliant inventor. before starting the profession

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