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Sarah McNearney shares sweet snaps from her vacation in France

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Sarah McNearney shared some cute snaps from her vacation in the south of France on Instagram.

The Drivetime presenter took a break from RTÉ to head to the south of France with some of her friends, where she shared photos of the great weather and enjoyed cocktails with her friends.

On her Instagram account, Sarah took a selfie in a blue two-piece dress, joking that she had a hard day reading books and relaxing in Antibes.

Sarah commented, “After a hard day reading books on the beach, we will go to this beautiful city to have some French food and cocktails,” with friends and followers wishing her and her friends good luck on the trip.

‘In good health!’ Hothouse Flowers singer Fiachna Ó Braonáin commented, while another commented, “Have a great time!!”

Sarah also posted a short clip on her Instagram account showing the holidays, which saw her strolling the streets of Antibes, having a drink with her friends and relaxing on the beach.

Sarah McNearney shared some sweet snaps from her vacation in the French Riviera on Instagram. Photo: Sarah McInerney/Instagram

Sarah’s vacation comes as she recently reported being hit by an email scam, which unfortunately led to criminals gaining access to her bank account.

Speaking to the Irish Banks and Payments Association’s Financial Crimes Officer at the time of the trip, Niamh Davenport, Sarah reveals that she has fallen into a trap.

I clicked this link to eFlow say I did not meet the terms and conditions to allow my eFlow account to continue,” Sarah shared revealing the “weakness of the system.”

Image: RTE

‘The problem,’ she said, ‘was that I clicked on the link and put in a lot of details because I was busy eating dinner, watching a show and scrolling through my phone at the same time – rather than being awake. »

Upon entering her bank account registration number and personal access code, Sarah realizes her fall. It’s too late, unfortunately.

She described “insanely” on Google what to do in this situation, as she had no luck with the bank since customer service hours are 9am-5pm.

“I looked at the bank’s security page and they didn’t tell me what to do in this situation,” she said.

Eventually, she found a number for her bank’s fraud department.

In this case, Sarah said, “She asked me to enter my personal access code incorrectly six different times, and it would lock my account.”

Unfortunately, Sarah added, the process took about 15 minutes — enough time for the scammer to add a different phone to their bank account and attempt some transactions.

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