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Macron commemorates “a prominent figure in contemporary Italy”

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On Monday, June 12, Emmanuel Macron received a memorial“a major figure in contemporary Italy” After the death of the former head of the Italian government, Silvio Berlusconi, at the age of 86.

Real estate developer, sulfur politician, media mogul … The five lives of Silvio Berlusconi

“With Cavalier disappears a major figure of contemporary Italy who has occupied the forefront of the political scene for many years”stressed the Elysee in a press release, submission “My sincere condolences to his loved ones and to the Italian people.”.

sequel after announcement

“Linked to our country, where he studied in his youth, Silvio Berlusconi participated with his French counterparts in reaffirming the bonds between the two brotherly countries, strong in their common love of intellect, sports, the arts, etc. The European journey was born out of several centuries of shared history. »

“Monument to Italian Politics”

Many French figures on the right and far right have already paid tribute to this “Italian Politics Monument”. “An atypical personality, with an extraordinary life and a brilliant career, Silvio Berlusconi undoubtedly marked Italian political life”In particular, tweeted the head of the National Rally of Deputies, Marine Le Pen.

evocation “sincere” and the “new style” From the former Head of Government, Chief RN Jordan Bardella as estimated “Silvio Berlusconi represents an entire era in his country”.

Republican Chairman Eric Ciotti, for his part and on the same social network, paid tribute to B “a true teacher of politics in Italy and a statesman who served it with all his might”.

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