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“Do you still love me?”

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“I am ready to assume my responsibilities.”
Bernard Cazenouf

cazeneuve (mathematical notation: ◌ͨ) is an empirical unit of measure used in probability theory, used to measure the negative probability of an event occurring. The idea, forged at the beginning of stH Century, takes its name from Bernard Cazeneuve, a French politician, elected from Cherbourg, who had hoped to become President of the Republic when he had no chance of being elected.

Cazenove history

Cazenov’s paternity is attributed to the Polish statistician Wzczenczilascz Kczrotopovsczy.

In an interview conducted at the end of his life, Kczrotopovsczy recounts: “In the year 2023, while I was working on statistical applications of the infinitely small, a French friend told me about the existence of Bernard Cazeneuve, a very unpopular politician who was ridiculed by everyone because he believed

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