Home Politics An EELV team attacked a team on the sidelines of a Reconquest rally in Var, which is an open investigation

An EELV team attacked a team on the sidelines of a Reconquest rally in Var, which is an open investigation

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An investigation was opened after the attack, on Sunday June 11, on an elected environmental activist from La Seine-sur-Mer, in Var, who was seriously injured on the sidelines of a gathering of local activists of the far-right Reconquête party, we learned this Monday June 12 from identical sources.

Hakim Bouaksa, elected opposition municipal official from La Seine-sur-Mer, lodged a complaint on Sunday, submitting a total incapacity for work (ITT) for 30 days, i.e. “severe injuries”reported the public prosecutor of Toulon, Samuel Fennells, in an interview with Agence France-Presse.

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The floor opened on Sunday ‘A stark investigation of aggravated violence’which was entrusted to the La Seine-sur-Mer police station. “The connection of the persons concerned with one of the political parties has not been established at this stage, and no one has been arrested.”added the prosecutor.

Arm fracture and head injury

In a press release, Europe Ecologie-les Verts (EELV) explains that Hakim Boaksa has come to demonstrate “safely” Against the organization of a rally of far-right party activists from Var, in one of the camps, and that it was “violently assaulted”who suffers among other things from a broken arm, head trauma and a sprained neck.

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It was, said Marine Tondelaere, leader of the Environment Party, on Twitter “Received through the refund request service” and ask ” Excuses “ For Eric Zemour’s party.

Several elected environmental advocates, or LFI, have given him their support, such as EELV deputy Julien Baio, who believes that “The far right is violence and a deadly threat to democracy”.

sequel after announcement

Crazy restore

For his part, Eric Zemmour’s party denied the involvement of the movement’s security apparatus.

“Contrary to what some try to believe, Mr. Boaksa was at no time influenced by the members of the Reconquête organization, which moreover did not have a security service for the event.”Reported to Agence France-Presse. “It was with the camp staff, who were indignant at the bans and insults directed against all their clients, that the latter had a quarrel.”

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Reconquest local authorities, for their part, simply confirmed the detention of A.J “militant banquet”.

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