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Why the Nupes blame movement has little chance of success

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She’s 17H Motion to censure Elizabeth Bourne’s government in one year. Nupes announced Thursday, June 8, that it is filing a new oversight application, after a failed attempt to overturn the law raising the retirement age to 64.

The debates in the National Assembly are scheduled to start on Monday from 4 p.m. with a speech by Socialist deputy Valerie Rapo, who will defend the text of her group. Before voting, the ops assess the bike’s power balance and the likely outcome of the debates.

sequel after announcement

Proposal against an “anti-democratic coup”

In his new text, he denounces the left ” Government guilty, according to her, of having Once again he violates the rights of parliament by preventing it from taking a decision on annulment To raise the retirement age to 64 years. The proposal was made after the text of the group Libertés, Indépendants, Outremer et Territoires (Liot) was rejected last Thursday,” unacceptable By National Assembly President Yael Braun-Bive.

Emmanuel Macron, the president who didn’t like parliament

Anti-democratic coup The left guard of the proposal who wishes, according to the (LFI) Chairman of the Finance Committee, to celebrate the hit And put the government of Elizabeth Bourne in a quandary. “ A priori, we will have a slightly worse result than in March Warn Eric Cockerell right away.

• LR and Liot will vote against

And with good reason, last March, the motion of censure put forward by the Lyot group after the government’s use of Rule 49-3 succeeded, by nine votes. This result was explained by the crowding of the text of 19 deputies from the LR (out of 61).

However, this time the House deputies agreed not to vote for censure. Aurélien Pradié, who voted “in favor” last March, announced at the RMC that he would not vote for the text submitted by Nupes, and that is ” Chapter of the topic, pension reform “.

sequel after announcement

Liot Group, for its part, made it known in a press release And it was broadcast, on Friday, that he would not give voting instructions to his 21 deputies. The conditions for the success of such a movement have not been met at present The group justified its refusal to sign the text filed by Nupes.

• National Front deputies will vote

On the other hand, the RN group will vote for a motion of censure. Sebastien Chino announced on RTL-“Le Figaro”-LCI, Sunday 11 June, that ” 88 MPs from the National Assembly will vote in favor of the motion of censure because we want the end From the text of the pension reform.

Sebastien Cheneau, living room frontman

Adding the 88 votes from the RN party to the 149 Nubian deputies, we get a result of 237 votes “for”, far from the absolute majority (287 votes) to bring down the government. Asked on France 3, Sunday, June 11, Elisabeth Bourne exuded her confidence. Regularly some dissent leads us to argue that there is no alternative majority.confirmed the Prime Minister. For her part, the head of the Ennahda group, Aurori Bergi, denounced, ” Alliance of opposites “who wants” The country froze “.

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