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The last position of the Nubians in the National Assembly

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The debates on reforming the pension system in the National Assembly ended this afternoon as they began: amid noise. Around 4 p.m., it was socialist Valerie Rabo, vice-president of the assembly, who initiated discussions over the Nubians’ motion of censure. It begins by accusing the government of “Discredit” in the National Assembly. He condemns the treatment of Eric Cockerill, chair (LFI) of the Finance Committee, who ruled the Lewtt Group bill – Liberty, Independence, Overseas and Territories – aimed at overturning pension reform as acceptable and has caused government wrath.

The bike fills in sparingly. Republicans-elect (LR) are the absentee subscribers. Our political family will not raise its voice to this last stand, Deputy LR of Seine-et-Marne fired Jean-Louis Thiériot. You need to know how to end the conflict. » The deputies who supported the previous motion of censure are also not present: this is the case of Aurélien Pradié, which this time is “Different from the topic, from pension reform”. This is also the case for much of the Lyot group, but at the root of the previous motion of censure in March, which failed by nine votes.

sequel after announcement

Great maneuvers by the magnifiers to maintain pension reform

But this does not prevent the atmosphere from warming up in the bloody cyclist. “I have no lessons to take from the majority”LFI Deputy Louis Boyard, throws off in his usual fit of rage, while Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne takes the stage. The association’s president, Yael Braun-Biveh, announces an invitation to apply, with an entry in the minutes.

“I don’t confuse guts with decibels”

The Prime Minister does not intend to lower her voice. “I, I don’t confuse guts with decibels” she says, turning to Nupes before her voice is covered by sobs. Go further and criticize “contradictions”the “contradictions” and the “demagoguery” from the left.

“No one as a last letter”And “Down with the Bad Republic”, We hear Nupes seats. but also “double punch” from the ranks of the National Assembly. This is one of the rare times when elected officials of the far right speak out. Once again, Marine Le Pen and Sebastien Cheneau left their seats as Elisabeth Bourne finished her speech. However, NDP MPs voted in favor of the Nupes censure motion, as they had already done so.

Sebastien Cheneau, living room frontman

Then follow several letters of opposition. This is confirmed by Cyril Chatelain, head of the environmental group “Nubian deputies will cancel the reform and delete 49.3” when they come to power. It’s Marine Le Pen “You will cancel this reform in 2027,” Interrupts Julie Leshantoux, MP RN. While awaiting the next elections, Bertrand Puncher, who heads the Lyot group, calls on the Prime Minister to do so “Take responsibility” and invite him to “resignation”. For the rebellious Mathilde Bannot, she owes her salvation solely to the Republicans: “LRs, save yourselves, but this is just a delay.”

sequel after announcement

For his part, the first secretary of the Socialist Party, Olivier Faure, kept silent, nose in his notebook, to draw. Hard to identify photos from the press gallery. Can you imagine what the new government will look like?

continue or resign

While awaiting the outcome of the vote on the motion, in the room of the four columns, Manuel Bompard, coordinator of La France Insoumise, is one of the first Nupe deputies to pass in front of the microphones and cameras. And for him, there is no question of his own resignation. If this does not pass, “We will give the eighteenth movement a censure, perhaps the nineteenth, or the twentieth, and sooner or later the government will fall.” Unsubmissive. After a few minutes, the score drops. The National Assembly rejected the censure motion by only 239 votes. So far from the 289 wanted to overthrow the government.

About the Caestor of the National Assembly, Eric Wuerth “The pension page has been turned pretty much”even if he admits it “You will leave traces”. Socialist MP Boris Vallud is following suit. if it is “I regret not having Liott.” In this vote, he and his fellow opponents ensure that “We will keep fighting” Reforming the pension system, he conjures up several means: a joint initiative referendum, parliamentary outlets for opposition groups or even Upcoming political appointments.

Pensions: a reform contested to the end

But behind the scenes, not everyone agrees. This blame move “The last to close the withdrawal sequence, It is entrusted to EELV-Nupes deputy Aurélien Taché. Now, then, we must not introduce a motion for a law on pensions in every parliamentary standing but change the subjects’. It raises the urgent question of housing, education or even water.

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