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The General Assembly largely rejected the Nubian censure motion

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Unsurprisingly, the National Assembly on Monday rejected the 17th motion of censure ” courage “ to the government against “db” Dissent and defend his record as rumors of change accelerate.

The prime minister has largely saved her government: the left-wing Nupes coalition proposal only had the support of 239 MPs, far from an outright majority of 289 votes, due to a lack of support from the LRs.

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“Real political courage is getting out of the comfort zone.” And “To build up the majority, even with those who don’t think quite like us”And I appealed on this anniversary of the first round of legislative elections a year ago.

And to kick off, quoting former Prime Minister Bernard Cazeneuve’s words on Saturday about newbies: “I, I don’t confuse guts with decibels”. She also criticized Elizabeth Bourne “contradictions”And “contradictions” and the “demagoguery” oppositions.

With this censure motion, put forward in the aftermath of the battle for pensions, We will see if there is an alternative majority in Parliament.Sunday’s tenant Matignon had been confirmed, by previously vacating the premise.

The left condemns the government’s “defamation” of the National Assembly

On the podium, socialist Valerie Rabo carried the proposal on Monday to put herself on other ground. “What is at stake today (…) is the possibility of putting an end to the reputation the government places on the National Assembly.”judged it, and criticized in a stormy atmosphere a “double standard” and the pressure From Elizabeth Bourne’s government during the pension crisis. Are we still in democracy in Macron? »He added the patron saint of the rebellious deputies, Mathilde Bannot.

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Emmanuel Macron, the president who didn’t like parliament

Your responsibility now is to resign., the head of the independent group Liot Bertrand Puncher fired to Elizabeth Bourne. In the presidential camp, Jean-Louis Borlange (MoDem) installed a coil ‘Another version of government condemnation’.

On the other hand, the head of government hopes to strengthen her position in Matignon since she resorted to the constitutional weapon of 49.3 in March to adopt the reform and after she avoided, by 9 votes, a motion to censure the move.

We are moving forward with transparency and consistency.she said, surrounded by several ministers who had come to the Bourbon palace.

Bourne does not deny the reshuffle rumors

But Elizabeth Bourne did not deny on Sunday the possibility of changing the government team. These questions are discussed with the President of the Republic.did she say.

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On Monday, a member of the presidential Ennahda party mentioned the possibility of a cabinet reshuffle within two weeks, which fueled the rumor machine. “she’s on her way”He told AFP. Either before the July 14 deadline that Emmanuel Macron offered Elizabeth Bourne to put forward a roadmap aimed at relaunching the work of the executive branch.

Renaissance President Stéphane Sigourney also invited parliamentarians from the majority on 21 June to discuss a dossier “political context”according to two sources within the party.

And the presidential camp is hoping to turn the page on pensions, after Thursday’s failed attempt to overturn the 64-year-old and file this censure note in response. The Lyot Group bill cannot be voted on in the National Assembly, prof ‘Anti-democratic coup’According to the left.

The critical role of LRs

In circulation on Monday, rebel Louis Boyard once again attacked, from the microphone, Assembly President Yael Brown-Biveh maneuvering not to accept the proposal to repeal, taxation“Elysée officer”. punished by the person concerned.

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Great maneuvers by the magnifiers to maintain pension reform

National Assembly deputies led by Marine Le Pen voted in favor of censorship: “Why are you afraid of Parliament?”And “Fear of people”asked Julie Leshantoux.

On the other hand, none of the deputies of the House of Representatives, some of whom voted for the last proposal in March, joined their votes this time. “You have to know how to end the conflict.”justified Jean-Louis Thiriot, who, like the RN, advocated moving now to the issue of immigration.

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