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The death toll rose, with 10 dead and 41 missing

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On Monday, June 12, Ukraine announced a high death toll from floods caused by the destruction of a dam on the Dnieper River last week, which left ten dead and 41 missing in the Kherson region.

“The Ukrainian counterattack has begun, and the explosion of the Kakhovka Dam is a sign of that.”

“We are at ten dead in Kherson and its region… We also have 41 missing.”Ukrainian Interior Minister Igor Klimenko announced on the Telegram social network.

sequel after announcement

The Kakhovka hydroelectric dam, located in a Russian-controlled area, was destroyed on June 6, flooding hundreds of square kilometers downstream, prompting the evacuation of thousands of residents and raising fears of a humanitarian and environmental catastrophe.

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Mutual accusations

The governor of the Kherson region, Oleksandr Prokudin, noted in a telegram that two new bodies of the victims had been discovered in the city, the capital of the region of the same name. An unidentified woman and a 50-year-old man were found drowned in a neighborhood of the city.He said.

It was announced the day before that three people were killed in the Russian army’s bombing of a rescue boat that was evacuating civilians.

Kakhovka dam explosion in Ukraine: Who benefits from this “war crime”?

Ukraine accused Russia of deliberately mining and dynamiting the dam, to close the road in this southern region to its forces, which participated in a counterattack. Russia maintains that the dam collapsed in the wake of the Ukrainian bombing.

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