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Right and far right hail ‘monument to Italian politics’

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The state funeral for Silvio Berlusconi will take place on Wednesday 14 June. On the announcement of the death of the former president of the Italian Council, the right and the far right in France, Monday, June 12, gave him a strong salute, seeing in him ” Statesman “ in “lightning trip”.

“An atypical personality, with an extraordinary life and a brilliant career, Silvio Berlusconi undoubtedly marked Italian political life”The head of the National Assembly’s deputies, Marine Le Pen, tweeted, after announcing the death of the 86-year-old sulfur billionaire.

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evocation “sincere” and the “new style” From the former Head of Government, Chief RN Jordan Bardella as estimated “Silvio Berlusconi represents an entire era in his country”.

Republican Chairman Eric Ciotti, for his part and on the same social network, paid tribute to B “a true teacher of politics in Italy and a statesman who served it with all his might”.

his death “It will leave a huge void within the European right.”abounded Senator L. R. Stéphane Le Rudulier, for whom His struggle against communism and propelling Italy into the twenty-first centuryH Century will remain achievements that will remain..

A political figure of 1any Plan, businessman, sports leader and media man, he served the Franco-Italian relationship with zeal”Centrist Senators leader Hervé Marseille (UDI) tweeted.

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He was praised by Meloni and Putin

Early in his political career, Silvio Berlusconi allied himself with the Northern League and the National Alliance. Recently, he had supported far-right government leader Giorgia Meloni, but embarrassed her several times with her remarks regarding Russians after the invasion of Ukraine.

Putin, Iran, Berlusconi… Sarkozy’s Seven Diplomatic Trusts in his latest book

Giorgia Meloni paid tribute to the memory of his ally and saw in him “One of the most influential men in Italian history”like the other characters on the peninsula. Silvio Berlusconi was above all a fighter. He was a man who was not afraid to stand up for his convictions and it was precisely his courage and determination that made him one of the most influential men in Italian history.”she said in a video sent by her office.

Vladimir Putin also paid tribute to the former head of the Italian government. For me, Silvio was a dear person, a true friend.The Russian president said in a telegram of condolences to Italian President Sergio Mattarella, according to a Kremlin statement. He said he always admired him ” wisdom “ And praise him “incredible energy”for him “optimism” and sound ” Humorous “.

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