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Mehdi from Love Island is the unrecognizable vocals for a Nicki Minaj song on TikTok

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LOVE Island star Mehdi Edno looked unrecognizable in a clothing video as he sang Nicki Minaj songs.

The French hunk – who is currently looking for love on the ITV2 dating show – previously sported light brown highlights and tuft-style bangs.

Mehdi Edno looked completely different in a throwback video from 2015Credit: Reddit
The French model is looking for love on the ITV2 dating show1 credit

Mehdi, 26, looks completely different with shorter, darker hair and a neat beard.

The short clip, which has been circulating on social media, shows Asghar Mehdi lip-syncing an anaconda to American rapper Nicki Minaj in 2015.

Love Island fans were quick to comment on the funny clip, as one of them wrote: “Lmao I really like Mahdi, he is funny and cute.”

Another posted, “It’s beautiful,” while a third added, “I love that he loves Nicki Minaj and he’s not afraid to show it.”

This comes after all the fans feared that the Frenchman had “disappeared” a few days after the start of the show’s new series.

Viewers of the ITV2 dating show must have shared their concern as the boy seemed to barely appear on the show.

Mehdi does not have the easiest villa journey after he is dumped on the first night by his original partner, Rocher Jurong, after announcing that they are not a couple.

Since then, the contestant has struggled with having solid relationships, leading fans to declare him “missing” due to his lack of screen time since then.

And a fan wrote on Twitter: “Why did you forget that Mehdi is still here?” »

Another joked: “Someone is making a missing person poster for Mehdi.”

A third wrote: “The Mahdi has really disappeared.

And a fourth asked before adding a fifth: Where is the Mahdi in all of this? »

Although he originally left a married couple with Rocher, Mehdi comes to terms with the lack of chemistry between the two when Rocher chooses to leave him on opening night when Maya Gamma offers the islanders a wonderful opportunity to escape their spouses.

He’s been trying to strike up a relationship with Whitney, the show’s latest bombshell, but the jury’s still out on whether they can find a long-term connection.

Love Island fans were surprised by its different lookCredit: Reddit
Mehdi has not yet found the woman of his dreams in the villa1 credit

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