Home News Donald Trump attacks the US judicial system and condemns the “witch hunt”

Donald Trump attacks the US judicial system and condemns the “witch hunt”

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On Saturday, June 10, Donald Trump said he was the victim of an attack “witch hunt” During his first public address since his indictment the previous day by federal justice, which is unprecedented for a former US president and has uncertain consequences for the 2024 Republican primary.

At two Republican meetings in the southeastern United States, he felt he was the target of lawsuits over his candidacy for a second term in the White House. “That’s why they do it, if I’m not [candidat]There will be no witch hunts, there will be no indictments.”Argue in front of activists gathered in Columbus, Georgia.

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The State of the White House Archives: What’s in the Indictment Against Donald Trump

The former real estate mogul is the subject of 37 counts because, when he left the White House, he moved thousands of documents, some of which were classified when they should have been entrusted to the National Archives, and because he then refused to return most of them despite reminders from the FBI (Federal Police).

This indictment, the second in two months after the first trial in April by a New York state judge for accounting fraud, sets the stage like no other as the Justice Department follows the outgoing Democratic president, the favorite of the Republican primary.

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“You’re dealing with lunatics.”Donald Trump said shortly afterwards in Greensboro, North Carolina. “The baseless charge by the government’s exploited government ministry of injustice [de Joe] Biden would have among the most egregious abuses of power in the history of our country.”Release.


The two meetings took place just three days before his expected appearance Tuesday in federal court in Miami. He is accused of endangering the national security of the United States by keeping confidential documents, including military and nuclear secrets, when he left the White House.

sequel after announcement

The former president constantly repeats that he is the victim of a political gang raging over what he describes as an unfair legal attack on him. Among the 37 counts in the indictment announced Friday are A “Illegal retention of national security information”a “obstruction of justice” and one “false testimony”.

He had announced the day before the indictment and his arraignment in Miami on Tuesday. The former leader responded to the news of his conviction via a series of posts on his Truth Social network as well as in a video statement posted to Twitter, calling him a “Bother” The special prosecutor in charge of the investigation, Jack Smith, denounced the election interference allegedly orchestrated by his rival, Joe Biden. The latter indicated that he did not have it “unspoken” to the Minister of Justice on this matter.

United States: Republican primary candidates caught in Trump’s trap

“They’re attacking me because we’re way ahead of Biden in the polls.”He reassured Donald Trump, although the polls do not show a clear advantage at this point.

The Republican camp has so far generally closed ranks around the former president. Republican House Leader Kevin McCarthy, whose relationship with the troubled billionaire hasn’t always been good, said his indictment was tantamount to “the black day” to the United States. “I and all Americans who believe in the rule of law stand with President Trump.”reassured Kevin McCarthy.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, his main rival for the GOP nomination, joined the Justice Department’s alleged convictions “user”.

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