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Bruno Le Maire’s small party is under investigation for campaign financing

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A preliminary investigation was opened on June 2 regarding the financing of the campaign of the Minister of Economy Bruno Le Maire’s Small Concert “with BLM”, indicated on Monday June 12 a source close to the investigation, and confirmed by the Public Prosecutor in Paris.

The Brigade for the Suppression of Economic Delinquency (BRDE) of the Judicial Police of Paris must determine if illegal donations were made through invoices from unpaid service providers by this small party, which raised two million euros for the basic right of 2016 according to To Mediapart, which disclosed the existence of investigations.

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The investigation has been opened to “Participation in the financing of a political party by a legal person through donations or offering benefits at a price lower than that normally practiced” and l “The political party’s acceptance of these same advantages”said the prosecution. These offenses are punishable by three years’ imprisonment and a fine of €45,000.

accumulated debt

Bruno Le Maire came in fifth place in the Whig primary, with 2.4% of the vote, a bitter failure. Despite invitations to donate, he later struggled to pay off his debts to this small party, which he left to sleep in after the election.

Mediapart specifies that, on “more than ten” Of unpaid service providers, the largest canceled debts come from two political communication professionals: Experian (€24,990 unpaid bill) and Catch Digital Strategy (€9,000).

“In the Ministry there is a strange atmosphere”: Bruno Le Maire Magazine

Asked by the National Committee on Campaign Accounts and Political Finance (CNCCFP), the small party in particular justified the canceled debt by exceeding the statutory five-year statute of limitations.

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Macroni faces legal disputes

With this investigation, he becomes a new member of the government facing legal disputes: several figures of Macron, from the Secretary General of the Elysée Alexis Köhler to the Minister of Justice Eric Dupond Moretti via the Minister of Armies Sebastien Licorne or François Bayrou are involved in other cases.

Bruno Le Maire declares his love for EDF

Bruno Le Maire, the number two in Macron’s government, was reappointed in May 2022 at the helm of Bercy, whom he led during the first term of the current head of state and now holds the record for longevity in the Ministry of Economy and Economy. Finance under the Fifth Republic.

He also served as Minister of State for European Affairs (2008-2009) and Minister of Agriculture (2009-2012).

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