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Bruno Le Maire wants to withdraw tax benefits on fossil fuels “from 2024”

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Economy Minister Bruno Le Maire said on Monday, June 12th that he wants Withdraw a number of tax benefits on fossil fuels from the 2024 Finance Billduring a round table dedicated to the green industry organized by the Ennahda Party.

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“In terms of public money, I think it is necessary to have consistency (…) That means we cannot invest in green and continue to favor brown. It means doing the most difficult thing in politics, making choices. And when we make choices, we We don’t please everyone.Bruno Le Maire said

sequel after announcement

“Yes, I consider it would be necessary to withdraw a certain number of tax benefits on fossil fuels from the 2024 funding bill.”

For everyone involved, it can be road haulage, construction, and public works companies, meaning construction sites are no longer profitable, and businesses can lose money. So we have to look at how we can support them.”I have developed.

And this is where the concept of trajectory, duration and support is absolutely key. Brutalism does not work. You can’t say overnight: I remove such and such help. An annual multiplicity is needed. Support, for example, how we will help you, the transport companies, to invest in less polluting vehicles, with electric motors “he added.

Opposition to the Green Internal Security Forces

Bruno Le Maire also reaffirmed the executive’s opposition to “ISF green”proposed in a recent report by economists Jean Pisani-Ferry and Salma Mahfouz. When we say 10% of the richest French, they are still 10% of the French, they are several million. So we have to be very careful not to create financial sensitivity towards decarbonizing our economy.”He said.

“In the Ministry there is a strange atmosphere”: Bruno Le Maire Magazine

“No disdain on our part, we are looking at all options, including the green Internal Security Forces, we have considered it very carefully, but we consider, with the President of the Republic and the Prime Minister, that this option of increasing taxes is not the best in a country with the highest level of taxes among all OECD countries.Bruno Le Maire insisted.

It also came out in favor of A effectiveness of state aid. For carbon removal investments: God knows I am not impressed by the terms of this public aid..

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