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A new proposal to censure the vote of the Assembly, in danger of wear and tear

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As an extension of the battle for pensions, on Monday, June 12, MPs will vote on a new oversight motion, the 17th the opposition has put forward against Elizabeth Bourne’s government in a year.

Socialist Valerie Rabo should start the bicycle debates at 4 p.m. And she’ll be championing this left-wing movement from the Nupes Coalition, in response to last Thursday’s failure to try to overturn the 64-year-old’s retirement. This measure could not be voted on by the National Assembly, which indicates A ‘Anti-democratic coup’according to proponents of the proposal.

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At what age should you start saving for retirement?

But without the right’s support, a vote of censure is unlikely to take place, on this day that marks the anniversary of the first round of legislative elections a year ago.

“A form of tragic repetition”

For the chairman of the Association’s Finance Committee, Eric Cockerell (LFI), it is necessary in spite of everything “to mark the blow”follower “Red lines” It has been bypassed, even if Obviously we will have a slightly worse result than last time. in March.

Presidential Camp Pins “A form of tragic repetition”. Regularly some dissenters lead us to prove once again that there is no alternative majority.sweeping the prime minister, who narrowly escaped overthrowing her government in March, by nine votes.

“France is a quarrel”: Emmanuel Macron or the art of self-sabotage

And 19 LR MPs out of 61 voted in favor of a proposal from the independent Liot group, after the head of government resorted to the constitutional weapon 49.3 to pass the pension reform.

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The deal has changed, and one of them, O’Reilin Brady, who… ” Do not think “ Vote on the proposal on Monday: “I broke off from the topic, about the reform of the pension system.”.

Parliament’s rights ‘trampled’

In his text, the left indicates that “The government and the majority in it once again violated the rights of Parliament to prevent it from taking a decision on the abolition.” 64 years old. MPs LFI, PS, EELV and PCF also denounced it “The constant contempt, since the beginning of the mobilization against the reform of the pension system, towards our fellow citizens and trade union organizations”.

“I want to live forever in the wild demonstrations of Paris”

The repeal proposal had sparked the flame of protest against the reform, although it was issued in mid-April. But opponents were unsuccessful in getting a vote on Thursday on the main measure of the text carried by Lyot’s group. That decision has been challenged as “inadmissibility”.

The deputies of the Leut (Freedoms, Independents, Overseas and Territories) did not put forward a new motion, “conditions for success” For such an initiative does not exist “Not currently met, in particular because of the position of part of the group Les Républicains”.

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Furthermore it, “We do not want the government and the relative majority to use the rejection of the motion of censure as a tool for a vote of disapproval.” From the abolition proposal, the Bertrand Puncher Group identifies, which leaves its members free to vote.

“Alliance of opposites”

On the other hand, the National Front deputies led by Marine Le Pen will collectively vote in favor of the Nubian proposal, as has already happened in recent months. “We want Elizabeth Bourne to go with her reformation under her arm and, above all, we want there to be a vote because there was no vote in the National Assembly.” On pensions, explains Sebastien Chino.

In contrast, Auror Bergi, leader of the Ennahda group (presidential majority) ridicules “Alliance of opposites” Who wants to overthrow the government and “Country Freeze” blocking reforms.

After the 14th day of social mobilization last Tuesday, which recorded the lowest turnout in five months of demonstrations, the CEO hopes he can turn the page on pensions. The intersyndicale should meet on Thursday and will try to keep their unity around new fights.

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Great maneuvers by the magnifiers to maintain pension reform

For her part, Elizabeth Bourne insists she is ” At work “ With his government to respond to ‘French fears’in particular to find a majority in order to pass a text on immigration.

Matignon’s tenant is subject to another deadline, July 14, after the 100 days set by Emmanuel Macron to relaunch the five-year period.

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