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The regulation of the freedom to install doctors is under discussion in the association

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It is an unresolved problem that will return to the National Assembly on Monday afternoon: medical deserts. An old sea serpent, societal and legislative, is the subject of a new bill of presidential majority, carried by deputy Frédéric Valleux (Horizons, party of former Prime Minister Édouard Philippe).

text intended for Improving access to care – a source of great concern to the French – it was signed by about 200 deputies from the majority and with the support of the government. But an action was removed from the text under pressure from the executive branch: organizing the installation of doctors who were supposed to fight the medical deserts.

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Should doctors be forced into medical deserts?

Consider the measure as a “Crane” Socialist MP Guillaume Garot decided to put forward an amendment to reinstate it. A person who has started a tour of the medical desert of France can succeed in adopting his article with the help of the opposition and … some deputies of the majority. Lubes assesses this controversy, which promises to be difficult to handle.

• What does the majority text suggest?

The proposed law is intended in particular “Increasing the participation of health institutions in the continuity of care”. Thus, private clinics will be called more to ensure emergency situations, explains Frédéric Valletto.

Caregivers will also be encouraged to work together, through spontaneous attachment, “Unless you oppose”from all liberal to regional professional health communities (CPTS), is supposed to facilitate coordination between them.

Finally, the text intends to prohibit temporary work early in their careers for appointed caregivers, and opens up from the third year of study the possibility of physicians signing public service commitment contracts Offering a monthly allowance for a commitment in a medical desert.

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• Why does the Socialist MP propose an amendment?

Initially, Frédéric Valletoux’s text had an article aimed at limiting the appointment of specialist physicians (ophthalmologists, cardiologists, etc.) to regions such as Paris, where there were already a large number of them. Except for retirement, it was impossible to have a position in these sectors. Elsewhere, freedom of installation would have been retained. But under pressure from the government, the proposal was withdrawn.

A roadside sign says the town of Le Croisic is looking for two doctors, in Loire-Atlantique, on May 21, 2023. (VALERIE DUBOIS / HANS LUCAS VIA AFP)

A decision that the socialist Guillaume Garot did not like. And he is not the only one: his text is supported by more than 200 deputies from almost all groups, with the exception of the RN party. But having not obtained his text on the agenda of the National Assembly, he wants to take advantage of the window of opportunity afforded by the majority motion to pass his measures by way of amendment. “Health can no longer depend on our zip code”insists the elected official from Maine, calling for “political courage”.

• What exactly does the amendment propose?

The idea is simple: the socialist intends to ensure that liberal doctors and dentists cannot settle “by right” One of the areas that suffer from a shortage of caregivers. To settle in an already well-provided area, they will have to obtain a permit from the Regional Health Agency (ARS), which can accept it, for example if another professional leaves the territory.

For greater clarity and accuracy, the medical deserts will be mapped using a new regional indicator.

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• Why is the government against this proposal?

Elisabeth Borne, who was invited to the France 3 political program on Sunday 11 June, replied: ” We will not respond to difficulties by preventing doctors from preparing! Acted by her, the Prime Minister explained “a whole series of actions”remove “number clause” To train more doctors and paramedics to enable practitioners to see more patients. The number of nursing homes, where doctors can practice with nurses in particular, should also be increased from about 2,300 today to 4,000 at the end of the five-year period.she added.

During a meeting with Guillaume Garot in early June, Health Minister François Browne also opposed any regulation, saying he preferred public funding for salaried doctors in troubled areas.

“A better distribution of scarcity will not make anyone richer in doctors”, thought by Frédéric Valeo. Same echo of the leader of the Renaissance Naps, Aurore Bergé: That idea [la régulation]It would have been present when we had too many doctors, but today there is a shortage, we do not train enough.”, she said this Sunday at France Inter. The MP for Evelyn warned of the opposite effect of such a measure: ” the doctors […] Will bet on deconventional, to go in private, outside or in the laboratory. »

Why does the amendment stand a chance of being adopted?

Let’s go back to a purely political perspective: it’s hard to predict the fate of Guillaume Garot’s main adaptation of Blood Axe, as the question transcends the usual divisions. In the presidential camp too There are people with the organization and others against it.gets acquainted with Frederick Valeo.

“Medical deserts are spreading and taking root”

They are approximately 70 deputies from the majority in favor of the initiative, according to “Le Parisien”. “After holding 80 working meetings on this topic and going beyond France to explain our convictions, I will not back down in the name of collective discipline.”Even Christophe Marion (Renaissance) was lost on a daily basis. Will there be enough voters to pass the amendment? If doubt persists, the National Assembly will have – at least on this text – the opportunity to vote.

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