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Accused Annecy Accused, counterattack in Ukraine … Five Weekend News

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Did you catch the news in the past two days? Don’t panic. L’Obs gives you a rundown of the key things to remember from June 10th and 11th.

• The accused, forget the accused

Abd al-Masih h. , the 31-year-old Syrian man suspected of a knife attack that injured six people, including four young children, on Thursday in the city of Annecy, has been charged with a crime. “assassination attempts” He was returned to pretrial detention on Saturday. Motić has, since his arrest, placed Abdelmasih in solitary confinement in the Aitone Prison in Savoie.

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In Annecy, following in the footsteps of Abdel Christ h.

The psychiatrist who examined him Note the absence of explicit dummy elements.but it is too early to comment on the possibility “psychopathology”According to the Annecy prosecutor’s office.

The attorney general announced on Saturday that he was no longer working on vital alert for the six injured, most of whom were hospitalized in an absolute emergency after the attack.

The mayor of Annecy and residents gathered near the site of the attack on Sunday to honor the victims and the “ordinary heroes” who intervened during the attack.

• Launching “counter-attack” measures in Ukraine

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said on Saturday that“counterattack measures” of his army on the front, without confirming whether it was the great offensive Kiev had been preparing for months, aided by important Western arms shipments.

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“The Ukrainian counterattack has begun, and the explosion of the Kakhovka Dam is a sign of that.”

Moscow has reported heavy fighting on Ukraine’s southern front for nearly a week, but Kiev has been largely silent on its strategy. For his part, Vladimir Putin confirmed that this Ukrainian counterattack has been achieved ” Begins “ But this was what the Kiev troops had “They failed to achieve their goals.”

On Sunday, the Ukrainian army claimed responsibility for capturing the village of Blagodny in the south. It is the first territorial gain announced by Kiev in months except for a few hundred meters recently gained on the outskirts of Bakhmut, a ruined city in eastern Ukraine, which Moscow claimed it captured in May.

• In Colombia, the four children who survived a plane crash were found

For many in Colombia, this is a “miracle”. Four children, ages 13, 9, 4 and one, survivors of a plane crash, were found alive Friday evening after a 40-day stay in the Amazon jungle of Colombia. children “They were alone, they succeeded on their own,” Colombian President Gustavo Petro said.

Originally from the original Uitoto group, the children have been wandering alone in the woods since the May 1 crash of a small Cessna 206 in which they were traveling with their mother, the pilot, and a relative. The three adults died and their bodies were found at the crash site by the military. According to the military, rescuers found the siblings about 5 kilometers west of the crash site.

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The children were taken to the military hospital in Bogota. “exhausted” but ” happy ” according to their families.

In the woods, the search continues, this time to find Wilson, the Army’s detective sheepdog, lost in the woods, whom the Army wants to find in the name of one principle: “Leave no one behind”.

• Trump accused shouting “witch-hunt”

Former US President Donald Trump is the subject of 37 charges because, when he left the White House, he transferred thousands of documents, some of which were classified when they should have been entrusted to the National Archives, and because he refused to return most of them. Despite reminders from the FBI.

In a meeting on Saturday for the first time since his indictment, he denounced political maneuvering over his bid for a second term in the White House. “That’s why they do it, if I weren’t (a candidate) there wouldn’t be a witch hunt, there wouldn’t be an indictment.”Argue in front of activists gathered in Columbus, Georgia.

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Don Winslow stopped writing for one reason: to prevent Trump’s re-election

“You’re dealing with lunatics.”As he later said in Greensboro, North Carolina. “The baseless charge by the government’s exploited government ministry of injustice [de Joe] Biden would have among the most egregious abuses of power in the history of our country.”Release.

Donald Trump was first indicted in April by a New York state court for accounting fraud.

• Examination of the motion of censure on Nupes on Monday at the Assembly

Parliamentary sources said the censure motion brought by the Nupes Left Coalition against the Bourne government, after the failure of an attempt to abolish retirement at 64 on Thursday, will be debated today, Monday, before the National Assembly.

“The government and the majority in it once again violated the rights of parliament to prevent it from taking a decision to cancel raising the retirement age,” Nupes denounced the motion put forward on Friday.

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Pensions: Association President Yael Braun-Bive

It would be defended on the podium by the socialist Valerie Raboud, then debated and put to a vote at 4pm – a conference of National Assembly Presidents held just before that to confirm this.

Vice-President of the National Assembly Sebastien Cheneau announced that his party’s deputies would vote in favor of Prime Minister Elizabeth Born’s proposal. Goes with fixing it [des retraites] under the arm.

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