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Zelensky evokes “offensive countermeasures” at the front

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Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky reported on Saturday, June 10 “offensive countermeasures” of his army on the front, while refusing to say whether the major offensive that the General Staff had been preparing in Kiev for months.

The Ukrainian authorities maintain ambiguity in their strategies while the Russian military has been reporting large-scale attacks for six days, including with equipment sent by Westerners, on its positions, particularly in southern Ukraine.

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“Offensive and counter-defensive operations are taking place in Ukraine, and I will not talk about them in detail”Volodymyr Zelensky said at a press conference. “We have to trust our soldiers and I trust them”he added.

“The Ukrainian counterattack has begun, and the explosion of the Kakhovka Dam is a sign of that.”

The comments follow comments from Russian President Vladimir Putin, who said on Friday that a major Ukrainian counteroffensive aimed at driving forces away from Moscow had begun. However, Vladimir Putin added, All attempts to counter-attack so far have failed.referring to losses “On the order of three (Ukrainians) to one.” Russian, emphasizing that kyiv kept it “attack potential”. Volodymyr Zelensky on Saturday called simply not to trust Vladimir Putin’s words.

The fighting has diminished in recent days

If the Ukrainian authorities seemed to put the scale of the fighting in perspective, the Russian military again reported in its daily report on Saturday about attacks by Kiev forces in the regions of Zaporizhia (south) and Donetsk (east), particularly near the destroyed city. Bakhmut, which Moscow claimed full occupation in May.

How France armed Russia before the war in Ukraine

The Russian Ministry of Defense has published a video showing a column of destroyed Western-made tanks and armored vehicles, some of which are still burning in the southern Donetsk region.

Leadership spokesperson “East” For his part, from the Ukrainian army, Sergiu Chryvati, confirmed on TV that the troops from Kiev managed to advance 1,400 meters around Pakhmut.

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