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The White House warns that Russia will be able to produce Iranian drones on its soil next year

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Another proof that the Moscow-Tehran axis is at an all-time high. Russia “Receives materials from Iran to build a drone factory” On its soil and this site It could be fully operational early next year.The White House spokesman warned on Friday, June 9. A new example of global rearmament since the outbreak of the war in Ukraine.

Global rearmament and escalation

The military partnership between Russia and Iran appears to be deepening.John Kirby, a spokesman for the National Security Council, indicated that it relied on information from US intelligence.

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On Friday, June 9, the White House is issuing an information notice to foreign governments and companies, to allow them, it said, Understand the risks better Iranian drone program and thus prevent them from contributing to it ” not on purpose “.

“Hundreds” of drones have been received

The US government has published a satellite image of the planned location, according to its intelligence services, of this drone factory, in the Alabuga Special Economic Zone, about 900 kilometers east of Moscow.

He also published a map of the route taken, according to the Americans, by the Iranian drones now used by the Russian army in Ukraine: from the Iranian port of Amirbad on the Caspian Sea to the port of Makhachkala in Russia, before crossing into Russia. Air bases in Primorsko-Akhtarsk (on the Sea of ​​Azov) and Sisha (near the border with Belarus).

The United States estimates that Russia received until last May “favorable” Iranian attack drones, and accused it of using them recently “The attack on Kiev and terrorizing the Ukrainian people”John Kirby said.

sequel after announcement

Repeat, as Washington has said before, that the Biden administration was “Ready to do more” to “denounce and disturb” This cooperation in unmanned aircraft. We will continue to impose sanctions on those involved in the transfer of Iranian military equipment to Russia for use in Ukraine.According to the official spokesperson.

Attack helicopter agreements and radars

The United States has been raising its voice for some time now about the military partnership between Moscow and Tehran, which “It goes both ways.”, mentioned the speaker. John Kirby confirmed that Iran was seeking to obtain Russian military equipment “For several billion dollars.”

In particular, he noted that Iran had concluded an agreement to purchase Russian combat aircraft, and emphasized that Tehran also wanted to acquire attack helicopters or even radars.

Rearmament: French Industrialists’ Deals

Tehran has repeatedly ruled ” Incorrect “ US accusations of supplying weapons to Russia, claiming that it is not a party to the Ukrainian conflict.

The war has revived discussions between Moscow and Tehran, both eager to break their growing isolation. For example, the two countries recently announced the construction of a railway aimed at circumventing traditional sea routes and international sanctions.

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