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The censure motion brought by the Nubians should be discussed on Monday

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A censure motion by the Nupes Left coalition against the Bourne government, after the failure of an attempt to abolish retirement at age 64, should be debated on Monday before the National Assembly, it is reported. It was learned on Saturday, June 10, from parliamentary sources.

“The government and the majority in it once again violated the rights of parliament to prevent it from taking a decision to cancel raising the retirement age.” On Thursday at the bike, Nupes denounces the motion that was brought up the next day.

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Pensions: Association President Yael Braun-Bive

MPs LFI, PS, EELV and PCF also point fingers there “The constant contempt, since the beginning of the mobilization against reforming the pension system, towards our fellow citizens and trade union organizations”.

On the podium, socialist Valerie Rabeaux defended the motion to censure the debate and put it to a vote starting at 4pm on Monday, a conference of National Assembly presidents to be held shortly before to confirm it.

There is no new cross-party movement

The proposal to repeal the 64-year-old sparked the flame of defiance of pension reform, although it was issued in mid-April. But the opponents were unsuccessful in obtaining a vote on the main measure of the text carried by the independent group of Lyot, and this has been challenged as “inadmissibility”.

An earlier motion of censure by the Lyot group narrowly failed in March, by nine votes. Lyot deputies decided not to introduce a new motion, “conditions for success” For such an initiative does not exist “Not currently met, in particular because of the position of part of the group Les Républicains”according to a press release.

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10 things to know about Bertrand Puncher, president of the Lyott Group and anti-pension reform

In March, 19 Liberal Republican MPs out of 61 voted for oversight, after 49.3 were used by Prime Minister Elizabeth Borne to pass the reform. But the situation has changed, the judge is one of them, Aurélien Pradié, who ” Do not think “ Vote on the proposal on Monday. “I broke off from the topic, about the reform of the pension system.”he told RMC.

On the side of the presidential majority, Maud Bregon (Revival Group) swept France 2 this Saturday “Numbers movement to blame the Nubians”in “A form of tragic repetition”.

But for Eric Cockerell (LFI), it’s essential “to mark the blow” after some “Red lines” It has been bypassed, even if Obviously we will have a slightly worse result than last time. in March.

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