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Prevent Trump’s re-election

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It is a black concentration of black. In City of Dreams, the second volume of a trilogy that began with The City in Flames, Don Winslow tells the story of two mafia families, one Irish and one Italian. Leave everything at once to read this epic of guns and betrayal, where noble sentiments, paired with vicious thugs, embark on a ruthless struggle for power. Winslow is a great author: from Dawn Patrol (2008) to Savages (2010), through Dog’s Claw (2005) and “Cartel” (2015), his books are landscapes of war, occasionally peppered with a touch of humor, always underpinned by elegant fatalism. In keeping with the greats of the Black Series, it depicts a world in decay, from which men of honor occasionally emerge.

City of Dreams will be his penultimate book. after

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