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“Pirates” hijack a cargo ship in the Mediterranean and Italian special forces intervene

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affiliate “pirate” Italian Defense Minister Guido Croceto said that on Friday, June 9, he had tried to divert a Turkish ship en route to France from Naples, prompting the intervention of Italian special forces.

“There is an operation going on on a ship that the pirates boarded (…). The illegals used weapons, such as daggers.” to threaten the crew, Government Minister Georgia Meloni told reporters.

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“The Mediterranean has become a vast graveyard and the Tunisian authorities are doing nothing”

Off Naples, in the south of La Pute, an unknown number of armed men threatened W “prisoner” The crew is in the cockpit. Then the cargo ship “significantly veered off course”Ansa confirms.

Special forces with helicopters invested in the ship and arrested some of the attackers but searches of the boat continued to find potential accomplices.

The attackers are believed to be immigrants

The daily La Repubblica, for its part, understands that 16 crew members have been brought to safety, in addition to three “Passengers”While some illegal immigrants “stay in custody”.

The situation remained chaotic at the beginning of the evening, but a government source told AFP that Italian special forces had regained control of the situation and brought the crew to safety. The ship was in the port of Naples on Friday evening, according to real-time data from marinetraffic.com.

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Immigrants, those “undesirables” whose lives matter less

According to the newspaper “La Repubblica”, the attackers, about fifteen years old, would be immigrants who wanted to reach Europe and had secretly boarded to Turkey before being discovered by the crew.

According to a government source contacted by AFP, the attackers may indeed have been migrants, but it was not immediately possible to know where and when they boarded the cargo ship.

The ship is heading to the south of France

The vessel is believed to be a Turkish-flagged ro-ro, the Galata Seawise, according to Peninsula Media. And specialized sites indicate that it left Topcular in Turkey on June 7, heading to Sete, in southern France, where it was scheduled to arrive on Saturday, with 22 crew members on board.

Two Navy helicopters and means from the Coast Guard and the Customs Police participated in the operation. The Italian authorities were contacted by their Turkish counterparts, and alerted by the ship’s captain.

Giorgio Moli, Vice-President of the Chamber of Deputies, congratulated the mobilized troops for their presence “He secured a Turkish ship sailing in Italian territorial waters, a group of armed men changed its destination”.

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