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What is in the indictment against Donald Trump

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The first former president in US history to be indicted by federal justice, Donald Trump was not involved. The Republican who dreams of regaining the US presidency in 2024 is targeted with 37 charges!

The billionaire, whose Florida home last summer was raided by FBI agents searching for records, said Thursday he will appear in federal court in Miami on Tuesday.

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laws in the United States “It’s the same for everyone.”, said federal special prosecutor Jack Smith. In a brief speech broadcast live, he explained that his services want a “quick experiment”. Lubes is evaluating the contents of the indictment, which was announced on Friday, June 9.

Federal Special Prosecutor Jack Smith delivers remarks about the indictment against Donald Trump, at the Department of Justice, in Washington, US, June 9, 2023. (ALEX WONG/GETTY IMAGES VIA AFP)

• 37 charges

Donald Trump is accused in particular Withholding national security information And “obstruction of justice” In the White House Archives case, according to the indictment.

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The former Republican president, who took boxes of files when leaving Washington, is also accused of perjury and an agreement with his aide Walt Nauta to hide documents requested by the federal police.

• Preservation of nuclear secrets

Among the documents that Donald Trump illegally kept after leaving the White House, we find in particular US nuclear secrets.

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Secret documents that Trump kept in boxes included information on the defense capabilities of the United States and foreign countries. And on nuclear programmes. Americans, stated in the indictment.

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their potential Publication would have endangered the national security of the United States.the plaintiffs add.

According to the indictment, classified documents were found “on the dance floor”but also “in the bathroom, in the bathroom”or in ” office “ or ” room “.

• Trump said a former personal assistant has been charged

This Friday, the former president announced that a former personal assistant and potential key witness in the case will also be indicted. Called Walt Naota, the aide is a military man associated with the presidency during Donald Trump’s term before leaving the administration to continue working with him after his defeat in 2020.

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According to the “Washington Post”, the aide was responsible, at the Mar-a-Lago, Florida headquarters where Donald Trump has lived since leaving the White House, on “moving” Boxes of documents containing the diaries of the former president.

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“I just learned that the DOJ ‘thugs’ are going to press charges against Walt Naota, who’s a wonderful guy.”the Republican wrote on his Truth Social network. “They are trying to destroy his life, like the lives of many others, in the hope that he will say bad things about Trump.”he added.

According to ABC News, Walt Nauta was indicted by the same grand jury — a panel of citizens with broad investigative powers that works in concert with prosecutors — that indicted Donald Trump. The charges against Walt Naota are unknown. According to The Washington Post, Walt Nauta A “essential witness” In the federal investigation led by Special Prosecutor Jack Smith that led to the indictment of the former president.

• Joe Biden says he does not contact the Minister of Justice

US President Joe Biden said on Friday that he will not be in touch with Attorney General Merrick Garland over his predecessor’s historic indictment. I have not spoken to him at all and will not speak to him. I have no comment on that.”He told the journalist who asked him about it.

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The annual Republican Convention is betting on Trump in the 2024 presidential election

Supporters of former Republican President Joe Biden accuse him of abusing justice ahead of the 2024 presidential election, which could see the two men face each other again. In announcing his indictment Thursday, Donald Trump claimed his innocence, presenting himself as the victim of a plot orchestrated by his Democratic opponents.

Until the indictment was issued, his lawyer had described the nature of the allegation, but the judicial file remained sealed, and the Ministry of Justice maintained absolute silence.

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