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Mathilde Bannott wants punishment after sexually insulting a female MP in the National Mountains

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Sexism is not dead in Parliament. On Thursday, June 8th, the leader of the rebellious deputies, Mathilde Bannot, requested the imposition of a punishment on one of the deputies of the National Front who treated her with “fishmonger” On the bike, insulting him had already earned a penalty for Macron’s deputy in 2021.

Mathilde Banno intervened during a Thursday evening session in the National Assembly, calling for the Bureau of the Foundation, the highest collegiate body, “you can take over” In the case, with the aim of imposing punishment on the deputy of the National Front for Essen Jocelyn Designy.

sequel after announcement

“Murderer”, “coward”, “Tartuf”… Is violence in the association on the rise?

He should “To stop some of the sexism and class contempt which is unacceptable in our association.”, I argued. The Val-de-Marne deputy posted on Twitter a screenshot from the official account, written attesting to the insult uttered. “Stop talking! Fishmonger!”. “When Le Pen does not write their speeches to the microphones, the RPF deputies still show their true faces”I commented above the photo.

Jean-Luc Mélenchon also tweeted scathingly: “Fachos are shameless sexists […] They are thugs. »

My words exceeded my thoughts.

After the intervention of the LFI deputy, Mr. Dessigny asked to speak in circulation. “If I may offend MathildePanot, I apologise, my words outweighed my thoughts.”He said.

“For any politician, any group, risks causing a scandal.”

Excuses which may mask the fear of being deprived of part of his parliamentary appropriations. This is what happened to Pierre Henriette in 2021, after he also invited Mathilde Bannot a “fishmonger” in the bicycle. “Sexism has no place in our society, not even in the expression of an elected representative of the Republic, within the orbit of the same semicircle.”He emphasized the presidency of the association.

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