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Macron says the health condition of the infected children is “stable”

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Emmanuel Macron wanted to be reassured on Friday, June 9, during his visit to Annecy, the day after the knife attack that left six wounded, including four very young children, stressing that the news “positive” regarding the health status of affected children.

“Everything I’ve been told is going in the right direction.”The head of state added that he was questioned by a firefighter during a visit to the Annecy prefecture. “They are settled”He insisted on this after a visit to the Grenoble University Hospital where three children were hospitalized.

sequel after announcement

He mentioned in particular the case of a young Briton, “Awake” : “She’s watching TV, which is a really bad memory.” And so the doctors were very confident.And he said to himself ” to caution “.

Annecy Knife Attack: The Confounding Profile of Abdelmasih H.

repeats Little Dutch girl [soignée] In Geneva, things are better », in more detail Emmanuel Macron. She is even “out of danger”said the Dutch foreign minister. “I am relieved to learn that the Dutch woman who was the victim of the stabbing attack yesterday in Annecy is out of danger.”said Wopke Hoekstra.

According to Macron, “the most brutal act out there”

Child abuse is the most brutal act.added the head of state. Emmanuel Macron, accompanied by his wife, confirmed that he wanted to “To offer the support of the entire nation to these children and their families”And he said that ” Pride “ To the rescuers who took care of the injured so quickly.

As for the most affected adults, “He’s very awake.”Specifically, the head of state.

During his visit, Emmanuel Macron was also able to talk to the young man to the backpack »which reached the assailant and may have saved lives.

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