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Bruno Le Maire says he supports tax reform

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It is, he says, a matter “justice”. Economy Minister Bruno Le Maire said to himself “suitable” On Friday, June 9, to reform very favorable taxes on furnished tourist accommodations such as Airbnb, with a judgment on the unforeseen effects “very important”while these rents are accused of exacerbating poor housing in the territory.

“On Airbnb, we’ve already dealt with it, we’ve cut it down to 120 days.”Bruno Le Maire said on RMC/BFMTV Friday, referring to the maximum authorized rental period for prime residences.

sequel after announcement

“My concern is that we maintain a favorable tax system for Airbnb. I am open to reforming taxes on Airbnb so that they are equivalent to taxes on other accommodations.”Relax at Airbnb!

Renters of rated tourism accommodation (from 1 to 5 stars), such as Airbnb, now benefit from a flat reduction of 71% up to €176,200 in revenue, compared to 50% for traditional accommodation, and 30% for empty rentals within the limit. 15,000 euros of rent.

An anti-Airbnb citizen group wants to enforce regulation

deferred invoice indefinitely

“We will work and make proposals to the Prime Minister and the President of the Republic, but I find it difficult to understand the very favorable taxes that apply to Airbnb today.”the minister insisted.

We will fix these taxes. The only question is a question of justice: from the moment there are the effects of excessive windfall, and excessively favorable taxation, there is no reason to maintain such taxation which gives rise to excesses. »

A multi-party bill to regulate furniture rentals has been shelved indefinitely When he was to be examined in June in the National Assembly. It aimed, among other things, to tighten the scope of the tax exemption granted in the case of renting furnished tourist accommodation, taking into account some specific cases such as mountain resorts.

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During Monday’s conclusions to the National Reincorporation Council’s housing division, Prime Minister Elizabeth Bourne announced a review of rental taxes, wishing the project ” complicated “ Opens In the next financing bill..

According to Airbnb France, hundreds of thousands of French people rent accommodation on Airbnb, with an average income of €3,800 per year.

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