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After the knife attack in Annecy, the political class is between compassion, embarrassment and recovery

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The knife attack that took place on Thursday June 8th in Annecy continues to provoke the reaction of the political class in the aftermath of the tragedy. Emmanuel Macron snorted while moving through the city on Friday afternoon ‘Most barbaric act ever’before giving the news “positive” regarding the health status of affected children.

Annecy Knife Attack: The Confounding Profile of Abdelmasih H.

Prime Suspect’s profile continues to get people reacting. Abdul Masih H., 31, a Swedish refugee who says he is a Christian from Syria. He was in a normal situation, from the point of view of the European Union, when he arrived in France a few months ago to apply for asylum. According to Gerald Darmanin, the Minister of the Interior, this request was denied on 4 June. Confusing profile, therefore, especially for politicians.

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As the government was writing a new immigration bill, the tragedy sparked political resurgences on the right and far right, denounced by the left and the presidential majority.

• On the right, a press conference and calls for a tougher immigration policy have been cancelled

On Thursday afternoon, when the suspect’s Syrian nationality had just been proven, Eric Ciotti, President of the Republicans (LR), rushed to Quatre-Colonnes Hall, in the National Assembly, to denounce the order “Terrorist act”And Brandish ‘Threat to our civilization’Le Monde reports. After a few hours, however, the qualifiers “terrorist” It was not accepted by the prosecutor of Annecy; We know that the suspect is a Syrian Christian. A confusing profile prompts LR to delve more cautiously than expected into the topic, canceling, at the last minute, a scheduled press conference at party headquarters, the daily reports.

Future Immigration Law: With the Poisoned Oath Controversy

Despite the embarrassment caused by the suspect’s profile, LR’s main characters, having recently distinguished themselves with very right-wing positions on immigration, have linked up calls for tougher rules on immigration. France 2 guest Eric Ciotti insists on Friday morning: “This person should never have been in France, for he did not fulfill any of the necessary conditions.”before you demand “Change the French rules and stop submitting to European standards that are imposed on us and are not appropriate.”.

A position that is directly in line with the recent statements of the right-wing party calling for the restoration of control in the face “immersion” immigration. For his part, President of the LR Group in the National Assembly, Olivier Marlix, estimated in a tweet that ‘It’s out of control’And “We are unable to know who these people we welcome are.”.

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• On the far right, political recovery and criticism of immigration

Marine Le Pen, having distinguished herself by her initial restraint, on Thursday afternoon – just tweeted a reference to her “fear” – He went on the offensive the day after the tragedy. In Europe 1, the idea that the suspect was in an ordinary situation on French soil was refuted. Before attacking Gerald Darmanin, Minister of the Interior, in full negotiations in Luxembourg on the Pact on Migration and Asylum, with other EU countries, which, in their opinion, would oblige to Forced resettlement of immigrants to European countries.

“The Lula Case, A Chronicle of Recovery,” and Phacospheric Methods

Criticism as usual the European Union who “You should not assume powers that should depend on states”He also attacked the head of the RN group in the National Assembly Asylum applications from “overwhelm us”Which was to become a real channel of immigration. Same story with other party executives. This is how North deputy Sebastien Cheneau declared on France Info: Among the asylum seekers there are people who come to kill us. »

Same generalization, same stigma, on the recovery side. In a video posted to Twitter, Eric Zemmour accused “asylum seekers” to “to leave their country” to “Better kill our children.”. and the former far-right presidential candidate to urge the French to do so “Reject the Francoist pesticides”. A concept dear to the Reconquest party, popularized at the time of Lula’s murder in October 2022, to describe attacks against the French by immigrants.

• In the Renaissance and the left, sentimentality and condemnations of exploitation

In terms of the Renaissance, the reactions began with a protest by Aurore Bergé who, a few minutes after the tragedy, confirmed from the National Assembly, ” gap “ between “The dread that overwhelms our country” And “The battle of the rag-gatherers over whether to accept the amendments or not to accept them”. Parliamentarians were already busy, at the time, debating the Lyot Group bill aimed at reversing pension reform.

sequel after announcement

But the announcement of the head of the Ennahda group before the National Assembly was immediately interpreted as an exploitation of the drama to close the parliamentary debate. “distasteful”, LFI Vice President Daniel Obono responded on Twitter. “Aurore Bergé has no limits in using obnoxious tools”replied Mathilde Banot.

After this first exit, the presidential majority wanted to distance itself from the political frenzy on the right. Today is the time for passion, it should be the time for unity and solidarity.Elizabeth Bourne, who went to the scene of the attack on Thursday afternoon, repeated. On Friday morning, in response to far-right activists’ attempt to demonstrate on the streets of Annecy, Elizabeth Bourne called on everyone to demonstrate. ” dignity “. Call for “Put politics aside for a moment”also penned by Bruno Le Maire.

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These demonstrations aroused the indignation of the head of the Socialist Party, Olivier Faure. “The wolves have entered Ansi”, he tweeted. For her part, Chloe Riedel, a spokeswoman for the Socialist Party, denounced, ” Verbal superiority »By Zamour and Syuti, who only to exacerbate tensions “.

On the part of the LFI, we are also outraged by the xenophobic signs about the permanence of Loïc Prud’homme, LFI’s deputy in the Gironde, which occurred on the night of Thursday 8 to Friday 9 June. An event linked to the Annecy attack, he said.

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