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The cunning deputies unite behind Yael Brown-Biveh

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Since the sensational announcement of the Bereshwar tenant on Wednesday, June 7 in the morning, the statements of the Nahda MPs have been rare, and their social networks are very muted. Early in the morning, National Assembly Speaker Yael Brown-Bevitt announced that on Thursday she would ban the examination of the measure to cancel retirement at age 64, in circulation.

A decision that was immediately criticized by opponents of reform, and which seems to have left the presidential majority speechless. The only exception in this general silence, MP Eric Woerth who asked about the subject this morning on the morning of Europe 1, preferred to duck and attack (again) the MPs of La Francaise Incomes (LFI).

sequel after announcement

If a large majority of French people support debating and voting on the text of the group Libertés, Indépendants, Outre-mer et Territoires (Liot), according to an Elabe poll for BFMTV, would Renaissance MPs support a rallying chief? “Yael Brown-Bive has made the only possible decision to enforce our institutions.”, rated “Obs” by Aurore Bergé. The leader of Al-Nahda’s deputies also mentions that the vote took place in the Social Affairs Committee. “Except for a consideration like Mélenchon that democracy exists only when it is proven right…”she taunts, and also attacks the rebellious platform.

This bill is unconstitutional.

“I support this decision.”explains Marc Ferracci to “Obs.” Amendment to reinstate Article 1 [de la proposition de Liot, visant à abroger le report de l’âge légal de départ à la retraite] unconstitutional, without possible objection”justifies the vice of French residents outside France.

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Same story for Sylvain Mayard who welcomes the use of Article 40 of the Constitution by the President of the Assembly: “I’ve always said that [proposition de loi] Unconstitutional “, argue with “Obs”. For the Member of Parliament for Paris, it is natural to reject the amendments to restore the first article.

‘Everyone benefited from the tricks of the Constitution’

But his arguments about the unconstitutionality of the amendments anger opponents of reform. Was the proposal not approved by the association’s bureau headed by Yael Braun-Biveh? Chairman of the Finance Committee, Eric Cockrell (LFI), did he not consider the text acceptable? Therefore, one reason could have prompted the president of the association to make this choice: pressure from the executive branch.

sequel after announcement

Yael Brown Bifft Only one compass: defending our institution, its rules, and its practices.defend it “without reservation” Gilles Legendre (Paris), starring “Oops”. As evidence: the president of the association makes the decisions that “bothers and arranges a row” Majority and opposition, sees the former leader of the majority deputies. Re-launch on not voting MPs, Gilles Legendre admits that ‘We will have to change our institutions’. But meanwhile: “All the rules, nothing but the rules.”

Pension reform: “The social movement does not die, it lies latent”

Herault’s deputy, Patrick Vignall, said nothing more to Opus: “Everyone benefited from the tricks of the Constitution, and it was now necessary to close this chapter.” For him, Yael Braun-Biveh’s decision makes sense, given the strong passage of the reform. “The question that will arise tomorrow is not whether the use of 49-3 and other articles is constitutional, but whether it is ethical.”, philosophize. If he thought the reform supporters would have won the vote had it taken place, he still supported the Assembly Speaker: “It’s good to go to the end.”

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