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The “conveyor belt” of Russia? What the RN’s shadow report contains about foreign interference

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Is the National Assembly (RN) is “ seat belt From the official Russian rhetoric as confirmed by the report of the Committee to Investigate Foreign Interference which should be officially published on Thursday 8 June? ” These shipments are heavy. so heavy. However, there is nothing directly or indirectly supporting it. He defends the National Front, through the voice of the Chairman of the Committee, the Vice-Front Jean-Philippe Tanguy, in a preface of about sixty pages, which will be appended to the report, and that Consult “UPS”.

Relations with Russia: The National Rally Gang

This commission, imagined and requested by the RN as a way of protecting against suspicions of collusion, or even subordination, with Vladimir Putin’s Russia – in particular because of the loan the party obtained in 2014 from a Czech bank. Her work at the end of May was at the Marine Le Pen hearing. Nothing was asked of me for anything. […] It doesn’t oblige me to anything at all. If that committed anything to me, I wouldn’t sign that loan. Clear ? […] I signed a loan with a bank, not with Vladimir Putin reassured the tripartite candidate for the presidential election. In her report, which was also consulted by the Opus, the majority deputy, Constance Le Grape, nevertheless devoted more than twenty pages, out of 210, to ” A special case of the national assembly Insist on lining up the National Front (FN), which became RN in 2018, on Russian speech »:

sequel after announcement

This strengthened relationship is thus exemplified by frequent contacts between political leaders from the National Rally and Russian officials, and the Rally is the only French party to be partly financed through a loan granted, initially by a Russian bank, then acquired by a Russian company. . »

export and “counter report”

political trial “,” to treat “,” Renaissance Report “,” Can “, affirms the president of the commission and elected RN of the Somme, Jean-Philippe Tanguy, in his preface. Which he deplores Rebel sabotage of the work done during the last six months by the rapporteur Constance Le Grape, whom he charged on several occasions” to lie »:

Unfortunately, this report seeks to blatantly camouflage a political trial against the National Assembly. A manipulation aimed at diminishing the responsibility of the Union of the Popular Movement, the Socialist Party and the supporters of Emmanuel Macron in exacerbating our dependence on Russia (…). from the inquiry. »Russian and Chinese Intervention in France: The Behind-the-Scenes Investigation into the Other War

The deputy also criticized the ten members of the committee who voted to approve the report for not being present. no or little Read the text suggested by Constance Le Grape. Witness, according to him, the tables provided by the concerned authorities during the consultation on the text last week: [Ils] Dare to validate the content of a document that four of them have not read, four others have read it for only 30 minutes, and the last two for less than two hours. As a reminder, the LFI deputies who were members of the committee refrained from signing it.

Among the Frente’s many grievances, Jean-Philippe Tanguy also denounced the decision’s refusal to hear many political figures outside the RPF, such as Nicolas Sarkozy, Jean-Pierre Raffarin, Jean-Marie Le Guen, or Jean-Louis. Borloo, each” supports By Emmanuel Macron or members old political family By Constance Le Grape (formerly at LR). Another clue on Obsession From the report of the RN and Marine Le Pen, the deputy accuses the rapporteur of underestimating or overstepping her silence, the content of some hearings, including Nicholas Lerner, Director of DGSI who noted, about the accusations targeting the RN, with ” Certainty that some, if not all, of these elements are political rhetoric “.

Conversely, she considers Jean-Philippe Tanguy, who was to be chosen as the rapporteur, to support her demonstrations, “ at the same level “Expert and Institutional Hearings with” partisan political figures “, and anti-RN like MEPs Nathalie Loiseau,” Marine Le Pen’s enemy or Raphaël Glucksman, Front deduction for the National Assembly “.

Rafael Glucksman: “We still live under the illusion that Russia does not threaten us”

It should be noted that the passing of weapons between the National Front and the majority on the subject of the Commission’s report can take a legal turn as well. Early last week, Jean-Philippe Tanguy announced that he had submitted a report and lodged a complaint against the rapporteur accusing him of passing elements of the report to the press before it was officially published tomorrow. To add insult to injury, MPs Julien Bayeux (EELV) and Stefan Fojetta (Renaissance) now intend to contact the office of the National Assembly with a view to taking legal action for the possibility of ” false testimony By Marine Le Pen, during the hearing on May 24. The two elected members of the commission suspect Marine Le Pen of seeking to conceal information she had about the takeover of Aviazapchast, a Russian airline, linked to former Russian military officials.

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