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Nupes will file a motion of censure after Liot’s group bill is withdrawn

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The last parliamentary attempt, by the group Libertés, Indépendants, Outre-mer et Territoires (Liot), to block pension reform ended in failure on the morning of 8 June. In response to a ‘Anti-democratic coup’the New People’s Ecological and Social Union (Nupes) announced the submission of a censure motion to the government.

Mathilde Bannot, patron saint of the LFI deputies, assures us that ” It should be reviewed early next week.. Independent group Liot has not yet decided whether to join the initiative. ‘Discussions are still ongoing’ With this group, whose request for censure was miraculously denied in March, she said.

sequel after announcement

Section 8 June

This letter is part of “swear”Quoted on Twitter by Mathilde Bannot, she reaffirms the common goal of Nupes The right to retire at the age of sixty. It is evidence of the alliance’s desire to put an end to reform.” Whenever possible, by all means at our disposal.

I promised “Defending Parliamentary Democracy” and the The rights of the opposition (…) trampled upon by the executive authority’s violations “.

Nupes concern about democracy

To the Deputy Leader of the Environmental Scientist, Cyril Chatelain, “The government and Emmanuel Macron used the constitution against the French”.

Communist deputy Pierre Darville described Thursday’s session in the assembly as “Revolving Day of the Republic”.

Mathilde Bannot, the rebellious chef

“The presidential majority, other than the majority in this House, has decided to prevent the National Assembly from making a decision, and that has been its goal from the beginning.”, Release. a “Institutional imbalance is very troubling for democracy.”.

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