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haro on the association’s president, Yael Braun-Biveh

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As I rolled into the bike, part of the opposition seats didn’t rise to greet her. This Thursday, June 8, going up to Birchwar to examine a Loyot Group bill aimed at reversing the reduction in the retirement age, Yael Brown-Biveh suspected the morning was about to try. The President of the National Assembly was not wrong.

The day before, his decision to declare that all the amendments that restored the main material of the text, which had been deleted a week earlier in the committee, had not been accepted had already angered the opposition across the media. In session, it was even worse.

sequel after announcement

10 things to know about Bertrand Puncher, president of the Lyott Group and anti-pension reform

The first arrow was fired from the very beginning by the head of the Communist group, André Chassigny: Your selection, Madam President, is a terrible blow to our parliamentary democracy. » Which was immediately imitated by his peer in the environment group, Cyril Chatelain: “With this inadmissibility, you show that you are not worthy of your position.”

All opposition interventions in unison. Yael Brown-Biveh is also accused to crush democracy (Arthur Delaporte, PS), to be “Responsible for a major democratic rupture” (Marine Le Pen, RN), for making it ‘Serious political mistake’ Including her “Haven’t yet measured the full extent of institutional damage” (Charles de Courson, Lyot).

“I’ve learned to say hello”

Majority MPs are trying to defend it. “We cannot mock the National Assembly as you do.”Eric Woerth (Renaissance) launches Nupes title. “It’s an unfortunate disrespect.”Laurent Marcangeli (Horizons) abounds. But they only get booed in return.

Great maneuvers by the magnifiers to maintain pension reform

And the President of the National Assembly does nothing to improve her condition either. Ostensibly tapping her phone at every opposition intervention, she only raised her head to issue warnings. Clementine Otten can attest to that. On the platform the rebellious deputy begins: “She is of extraordinary charm…” Yael Brown interrupts with his beef:

sequel after announcement

Madam Representative, it is customary in this hall for the Presidency of the Republic and the ministers to greet each other before intervening. Thank you for respecting customs and decency. I’ve learned to say hello, but that’s clearly not the case for everyone. »

Emmanuel Macron’s obedient body

His smile does not deceive. Fever gradually overcomes Yaël Braun-Pivet. Especially since she knows that the credit she loses on one side, she doesn’t necessarily gain on the other. The majority coming from it had little taste as to how long it took to be declared inadmissible. For a long, long time, it has been delayed, in the eyes of the macro. From Aurore Bergé, the head of the Renaissance group for whom she didn’t have enough harsh words, to Alexis Kohler, the powerful general secretary of the Elysée who had to pick up his phone.

Emmanuel Macron, the president who didn’t like Parliament

She ended up giving in, but now it’s the opposition who accuse her of taking over “A political and partisan decision by orders of the executive authority.” (Eric Cockrell, LFI), became “Emmanuel Macron’s docile body” (Boris Fallud, PS), on permissiveness “the servility of the chick” (Sandrine Rousseau, EELV).

National Assembly: Yael Brown-Biveh, edited by Birchwar

Even when she got her way, when Liott pulled his damaged bill, the victory wasn’t complete. When the session was adjourned, the deputies of the Nubians, dressed in tricolor sashes, remained standing in their ranks, as if to show that she was in control of a lesser and lesser part of this bloody ark, which is nevertheless the guarantor of a good performance. discussions.

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