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For Constance Le Grape, “Nobody Was Fooled by the National Rally Game”

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While the report of the Parliamentary Inquiry into Foreign Interference, in which the National Assembly (RN) is considered as ” seat belt “ Russian, has been available since Thursday, June 8. Its rapporteur, MP for Renaissance Constance Le Grape, answers questions from “Obs”. In particular, it rejects the charges in “sabotage” Launched in recent days by RN.

What conclusions do you draw from the six months of work carried out by the commission?

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I have the feeling that our many hearings have made it possible to clearly highlight the reality and gravity of foreign interference in France and the dangers that weigh on our democratic system. The lesson to be learned is that it is very clear that France is a particular target. This includes a whole ecosystem of threats in this hybrid war that is being waged against us, from cyberattacks to disinformation, not forgetting to enter academia and corporate circles, even to take over part of our elites. Another lesson is that among these hostile foreign powers, two authoritarian regimes stand out, in particular thanks to their ability to develop in the gray area between the concepts of “influence” and “interference”: China and Russia.

Russian and Chinese Intervention in France: The Behind-the-Scenes Investigation into the Other War

I chose to devote about twenty pages to “The Special Case of the RN Party,” describing the far-right party as “the transmission belt” of Vladimir Putin’s Russia.

In terms of its consistency and perseverance in conveying the Kremlin’s positions on major international issues, the National Front, and the National Front before it, is indeed a very special case. This complicity and complacency is also proven because they have been particularly well documented in recent years. This is the case with the very frequent trips of elected national representatives to Russia, to Dumbas or to the Crimea, often at critical times. Including after the illegal annexation of Crimea by Russia, when members of the European Parliament went there to serve as an endorsement and guarantee of electoral consultations that France considers illegal. I repeat, this political isolation and this stubbornness in adopting Vladimir Putin’s positions are completely unique. Marine Le Pen also confirmed this before the committee, during the hearing on May 24, admitting that she had not acted. one atom about these issues.

The “conveyor belt” of Russia? What the RN’s shadow report contains about foreign interference

In your opinion, did the commission’s work really make it possible to establish a realistic connection between obtaining the loan in 2014 and aligning the frontline rhetoric with the Russian narrative, especially with regard to Crimea?

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The investigation committee had no right to interfere in the ongoing legal proceedings, nor the means and powers to conduct police investigations. On the issue of Russian loans, she opposed the confidentiality of the investigation, the instructions, or even the defense of confidentiality during certain hearings. But it is not because there are no new ads that we can hold ourselves accountable. I think the timing of these Russian loans [2 millions d’euros au microparti de Jean-Marie Le Pen, Cotelec, puis 9,4 millions d’euros, toujours en 2014, obtenus auprès d’une banque tchéco-russe, NDLR] With the alignment of the National Front on the Kremlin’s speech leaves wondering.

In his introduction, the commission’s chairman, deputy RN Jean-Philippe Tanguy, accuses you of “sabotaging” the commission by seeking to carry out the “political trial” of the national army. As of last week, Marine Le Pen also predicted “a report in the image of the rapporteur: sectarian, dishonest, politicized.” How do you answer them?

I completely reject the accusations of dishonesty and invite all citizens to read the report. As for the “lies” thrown in my face, it is enough to read the minutes of the committee’s meetings. How wrong it is to say that I have tried to dodge subjects other than those of Russia. With regard to the accusations of Jean-Philippe Tanguy of corrupting our work, I remind you that it was he who desperately demanded this commission of inquiry, without even trying to hide his desire to “cleanse” the case from the Russian loan. But no one was fooled by the RN game.

Relations with Russia: The National Rally Gang

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