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Pictures before and after the destruction

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Satellite images published by the US company Maxar Technologies show the horrific extent of the floods that caused several dozen locations along the Dnieper River, between Nova Kakhovka and Dniprovska Bay, southwest of Kherson, Ukraine: the riverbed is overflowing, the streets are flooded. They turned into rivers, and if we compare them with the aerial photos taken before the disaster, which Maxar also publishes, then the note that blocks of houses have been virtually erased from the map.

Kakhovka dam explosion in Ukraine: Who benefits from this “war crime”?

These floods come in the wake of the destruction of the important Kakhovka Dam, on Tuesday, June 6, in an area under Russian control, on the border between the sites of the two camps.

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Russia and Ukraine accuse each other

Kiev and Moscow blame each other for the explosion of the structure, which contained 18 billion tons of water.

Its spill raises fears of consequences.” Unprecedented From a humanitarian and environmental point of view, many experts and environmental defense associations appreciated Wednesday.

According to the Ukrainian authorities, the waters of the Dnieper River have risen by five meters and can continue to advance during the day.

This Wednesday, appointments continued for the evacuation of the civilian population, by both the Ukrainian authorities and the Russian occupation forces.

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